The Bad Boy Omega BL Fan

author :

Aoi Sabi


Ikumi's a fudanshi, a boy who really loves reading BL manga. His blond hair makes the entire school fear him and think he's some sort of delinquent. One day, after he saves a cat from being tormented by some actual delinquents, it suddenly starts to speak!! The cat claims to be a god, and tells Ikumi it will grant him one wish as a reward for his good deed. Thinking it's all a dream, Ikumi wishes that the world would be turned into an omegaverse-like one, but his body's the one that suddenly starts going into heat... Things don't stop there as, thanks to the touch of the cat, Tajima, the student council president that Ikumi can't stand, transforms into an alpha! Ikumi's about to learn the true pleasure of an omega...!


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author :

Aoi Sabi

publisher :

Kaikan Club

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Japanese :

Fudanshi Yanki no Omegakun

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