Sawako Honna, 42, single; she works hard at a film promotion company. One night, all of a sudden, her heart palpitates, and her body goes cold... Could it be that she's going through menopause!? Not as hard-working as in your 20s. Not as flippant as in your 30s. The mental and physical changes, and?the obstacles you face in your 40s. Sudden illness, menopause, fatigue you can't get rid of, changes in working patterns, money worries, life plans for the future... "What will happen to me tomorrow?" 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award winner. Nominated for the 2020 Manga Taisho Award.



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Sumako Kari

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Japanese :

Ashita Shinu ni wa,

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Since I Could Die Tomorrow, Volume 1

Pages: 161

Since I Could Die Tomorrow, Volume 2

Pages: 161

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