After meeting each other at a gay bar, a drunken Minami confesses his feelings to his co-worker Kijima, and they start dating. Unlike Kijima, who is used to being happily in love, Minami is traumatized by his past relationships. Minami inevitably compares himself to Kijima's former lovers and feels inferior to them. Minami's emotional barriers are gradually melted by Kijima, but... In addition to the title story and new illustrations, this volume contains two other stories: the clumsy love between the sadistic Tanaka and Mizusawa, and the disparate love between Kijima's twin brother, Miyuki, and the poor student Tachikawa.


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author :

Sachi Murakami

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Kobunsha Co., Ltd.

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Your Treacle Affects At Night Volume 1

Pages: 178

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