When Yukiji is approached by his coworker and best friend, Kaname, with concerns about being stalked, he's ready to jump to his friend's aid. But as Kaname details the stalking incidents, Yukiji is shocked to realize that Kaname's “stalker" is none other than Yukiji and his anonymous gestures of care. Fearing he might ruin their friendship, Yukiji wrestles with the dilemma of coming clean. In fear of another visit from the stalker, Kaname asks Yukiji to stay over for the night, and he reluctantly agrees. But the night takes an unexpected turn when Yukiji awakens to find his own hand grabbing Kaname's crotch! Despite Yukiji's pani, Kaname closes in with an unknown intent… “I put my best friend into this mess against his will!" When a cunning and obsessive stud latches onto an incredibly square and clueless dork, a rom-com full of hilarious misunderstandings begins!



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