In a world where interspecies and same-sex marriages have become commonplace, those with purely human genes are now considered a rarity. Kai is one such individual and he feels inferior due to his unremarkable human genes. One day, his ill father encourages him to meet his potential marriage partner, a wolf man named Makami. To Kai's surprise, Makami is overjoyed upon meeting him ― so much so that he smothers Kai with kisses! The two somehow end up living together. If they are to get married, they would have to "do the deed" at some point, right...? At least that's what Kai had mentally prepared himself for, but Makami doesn't seem the least bit interested...! Spurred on by the idea that his being a human makes him less desirable, Kai tries to seduce Makami in all sorts of different ways! How will Kai's married life play out with a wolf husband who only wants to treat him right!?


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Yasashisugiru Okami (Otto) ga Haramasetekurenai. -Modokashii Ishu Kon Seikatsu-

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My Gentlewolf (Husband) Won't Get In Bed With Me -A Frustrating Married Life With A Beast Man- (1)

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Pages: 27

My Gentlewolf (Husband) Won't Get In Bed With Me -A Frustrating Married Life With A Beast Man- (2)

Pages: 27

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