There are two things that are bothering Ayato Yanagi, a guy who has memories of his past life. The first thing is that because he used to be an aristocrat in his past life, he has trouble finding his place in his current life and keeps losing his job, making him broke. The second thing is that he vividly remembers how he got killed in his past life.
His friend introduces him to a new job of being a dorm supervisor to a bunch of heirs to powerful companies. Ayato is happy with finally finding a job where his aristocratic background will finally come into use, but the first person who greets him at the dorm is the quiet and mysterious Soh Takimoto. The moment Ayato lays eyes on Soh, he understands that Soh is the man who killed him in his past life!
So begins Ayato's challenging job as a dorm supervisor...! A romantic comedy with a reincarnation.


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author :

Fujimine Shiki

publisher :

Brite Publishing

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Japanese :

Zense Koitsu ni Korosaremashita

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He's The One Who Killed Me In My Past Life (1)

Pages: 49

He's The One Who Killed Me In My Past Life (2)

Pages: 31

He's The One Who Killed Me In My Past Life (3)

Pages: 43

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