It's the married life she's always dreamed of... but in reality, it's a marriage of convenience without a shred of love. Momona thinks that if she tries her hardest, they might one day grow to love each other, so she struggles to do the housework that she's not any good at. Nevertheless, she feels she's reached her limit after endless days of clashing with her taciturn husband, Ryoji.
Not wanting a divorce, Ryoji proposes a condition: "If we aren't physically compatible, I'll go and convince our parents myself."
Thinking she has no other choice, she gives it a try... and finds they are totally compatible in the bedroom. Though he's usually aloof, when they embrace each other, he caresses her sweetly and tenderly. She feels a certain warmth and happiness from him, and for the first time it feels like they're truly husband and wife...
This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Kuga, a married couple with excellent physical chemistry, who grow closer by exploring each other's bodies.


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Mei Otomura

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Ai wa Oroka Koi mo Mada Nandesukedo Toriaezu Saki ni Kekkon Shimashita

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I Got Married First Even Though I Haven't Experienced Affection Let Alone Love (1)

Pages: 39

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