Tamae Kagami is an employee who tends to sleep more than most people, so everyone calls her "Ms. Break." After working on a bug in the game her company created, she takes a long nap―only to wake up to a strange window on her computer screen that prompts her to input a level number. Although she doesn't know what the level is for, she inputs 9,000, just for fun, and presses the enter key. Before she knows it, she wakes up again―this time, she's reborn in a parallel universe.
Now in vertical―scrolling,VertiComix format!


Shonen_MangaFantasyIsekai/Another_WorldShojo_MangaVertiComixLocalized by Renta1pt-99pts100pts-199ptsUpgrade

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author :

Yuusuke Miyauchi

story :


publisher :

Renta Comics

Japanese :

Kyukeisan ha Kyukeishitai Saikyo Mazoku ni Tenseishitakedo Jinrui no Mikatadesu

Localization by :


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