For the Love of the Game

The pressure is on for Ayako for her to win her first match as a pro golfer. Under the weight of desperation from having to please her sponsor, she heads to a high school alumni reunion for a change of pace. There, she runs into Tetsuya, a fellow golf enthusiast who once shared the dream of going pro with Ayako. Only Tetsuya, with his suit, cologne, and clean-cut visage, has gone on to become someone totally different - and proceeds to give Ayako a mouthful at the reunion. It isn't until Ayako finds herself participating in a local match at her hometown that she realizes the value of what Tetsuya had to say.

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For the Love of the Game

Pages: 25

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Author : Ichigo Niwano Publisher : G2Comix Iretai Pro Golfer Ayako no Body

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