SKS 48: The 48 Ways of the Tentacles

One girl is chosen at an audition to make her debut as an idol. She managed to deal with the harassment from her senior idols who torment her in a sly. But an even greater trouble awaits her...! She dreams to appear on television comes, but on the show she has to get in a bath with... tentacles!? She feels them sliding around and inside her body, and with the whole audience watching they bring her to a forceful climax! As if that's not enough, she also has to perform pillow services for a vicious producer! This young, innocent idol suffers the stain of tentacles... Will her future end up in despair or...

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SKS 48: The 48 Ways of the Tentacles 1

Pages: 56

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SKS 48: The 48 Ways of the Tentacles 2

Pages: 56

Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Tomihiro, publisher : futurecomics Sks 48 Shokushu Shijuuhatte

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