Artificial Boyfriend -Grinding Forbidden Human Alchemy-

author :

Emu Soutome


Kazuyoshi has a dream - to get a "cute, obedient little brother who will do everything I say!" Then, at his part-time job he finds a "Make-your-own-boyfriend kit!" Apparently, it's possible to use a sweets-making system to make the ideal boyfriend! But since he wants a little brother, not a boyfriend, he just tries it out as a test... and ends up with a huge, UNcute man in his room! The man says "I'm your little brother, Kouji." Then he grins confidently at Kazuyoshi and grabs his crotch! This isn't a little brother!! But Kouji hides an impotant secret... get ready to find out in this mysterious, sexy brother cohabitation story!


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author :

Emu Soutome

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Japanese :

Jinkou Kareshi Konekone Kindan no Jintai Rensei

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Artificial Boyfriend -Grinding Forbidden Human Alchemy-

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March 10, 2018 (JST)
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