Sweet Desire Slave - Concierge's Lovers

author :

Aki Mizuiro


Today, new concierge recruit, Mei, starts work at a high-class apartment complex. All of the tenants consist of major corporation executives and managers.
The concierge's role is to support a stress-free lifestyle for these men of high social standing. However, Mei is suddenly fondled by her handsome boss and mentor, Chief Sakai, who exclaims "What is the worth of a concierge who can't provide physical support?"
"I didn't agree to this!" ? Day by day, Mei's body develops through the naughty education of the super-sadistic Chief, the superior technique of a competent lawyer, and the giant "trunk" of a perverted doctor..."What's to become of me?!"


Mature_Romance_MangaHaremsMillionaires/BillionairesSadistic_BoyfriendOneshotLocalized by Renta100pts-199pts200pts-299ptsUpgrade Completed

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author :

Aki Mizuiro

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Mitsuyoku Dorei Concierge no Aijin

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Sweet Desire Slave - Concierge's Lovers (1)

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Sweet Desire Slave - Concierge's Lovers (2)

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