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sakueva Rating
A very cute and interesting manga. Like getting pleasure and see a customer's smile at the end of a job? Then this is the manga with both requirements. Being a concierge has those kind of jobs too...what kind of job? Well, if you read the manga then you will know!
neha200 Rating
It's a fairly unique concept. I'm actually surprised she succumbed but I guess her motivation was for work. I didn't get why he recorded everything until the very end; now if makes sense. It was very fast paced but overall enjoyable.
heyyyjude Rating
"my job exactly entails granting the requests of the customers." the story is pretty much what you would expect from the cover and description, but there is a nice and sweet touch to everything that she does for her job at the end (not the sexy stuff). spicy level is 4.5. I think it's worth reading.
Weeb4Life Rating
The MC is so devoted to her job as a concierge that she's willing to do anything to help her tenants, including having sex with them. Her sincere desire to fulfil their requests to the best of her abilities is very endearing, she's so adorable! And she even manages to help all the tenants in really sweet ways that go beyond sexual gratification, I'm glad that she's more than just their (willing) sex slave. Her relationship with her boss progresses nicely as well, they're really cute together. The art is lovely and the spicy scenes are really hot, so I have no complaints. All in all, I love it!
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