Peach-Colored Taxi - 801 Yen to Ride

author :

Kori Asahina


A taxi driver named Haru has a bad memory - when his baseball team was about to go to the championships, his team's pitcher suddenly kissed him, fondled his nipple, and sexually assaulted him! But it was a fleeting, ephemeral dream... now, twenty years later, Haru works as a taxi driver. As the economy slips into a slump, his company tries a new business plan - to make all taxis into "pink taxis" - moving love hotels! As Haru complains over the high ratio of gay couples that come into the taxi, suddenly, one day, his customer turns out to be that pitcher! And so, a new love story between two men in their 30s begins!


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author :

Kori Asahina

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Momoiror Taxi Hatsunori Ryoukin 801 Yen

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Peach-Colored Taxi - 801 Yen to Ride

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Peach-Colored Taxi - 801 Yen to Ride 2

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