Sticky Elevator - What Level Will You Go To? -

author :

Ari Hanamoto


"Which floor, Sir?" After struggling to find a job, Shuuya finally finds employment at a long-established, large department store. He goes into the training in high spirits, but for some reason he's the only one there... and the training is super erotic! He gets stripped by the instructor, played with, penetrated... It turns out that he's to be a special elevator-boy who provides "service" for his VIP clients! And on top of that, on his first day of work, the first person who comes into the elevator is a hot childhood friend of his! "S... Sir... I... I'll be taking you to another level..." What is the fate of this cute elevator-boy's bottom?!


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author :

Ari Hanamoto

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Micchyaku Elevator Okyaku-sama Nankai no Goriyou desu ka

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Sticky Elevator - What Level Will You Go To? -

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August 04, 2014 (JST)
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