Secret Unpaid Overtime - Director, It's Spanking Time -

author :

Haru Konno


Late night in the office, spanking sounds ring out... Momoi works in an office and just can't do her work properly, making nothing but mistakes, so she gets scolded every day. Then, one day, she makes a terribly big mistake, and Section Chief Onizuka, who she's always pined for, makes her work overtime until midnight. But then, a little thing happens, and all of a sudden it becomes super hardcore punishment overtime! She gets groped until her most sensitive places are all sticky, until finally her deepest zones get penetrated right on top of her desk! "You're such a masochist!" "Ahhh! Section Chief... please keep spanking my naughty ass!!"


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author :

Haru Konno

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Hito ni wa Ienai Service Zangyou Kachou Spanking no Ojikan desu

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Secret Unpaid Overtime - Director, It's Spanking Time -

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October 13, 2014 (JST)
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