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botaneko Rating
The main character Momoi admires her boss: the director. She made a mistake in over ordering the products and the director helps her, making them work late into the night: Overtime.Late into the night, she readily pleasures him, having an intense night together in the office.The intro goes straight to the hot love scene, before we then learn a little about the main character Momoi. She is a likeable airhead and a masochist, she loves her boss so it is nice to see the main character readily fall for her partner instead of shying away from him as the scene where they work overtime shows.Short, sexy and very satisfying! Highly recommended to read!
heyyyjude Rating
Short stories are always hit or miss to me, but i love office love type stories. I would say this story is a hit. Momoi isn't all that great at her job, but the last mistake she made gets her stuck doing overtime with the boss, who is very sexually frustrated. ;). The story is short, a small bit of sweet, and a whole lot of sexy.
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