How to Be Trained by Your Psychopathic Boyfriend

author :

Saki Asaoka


"I'm... being forced to... on my boyfriend's desk......" Living alone and working at her office, Kaori gets a surprise visit from her childhood friend. Hesitant at first, Kaori lets him stay with her, but, once he finds out she's dating one of her co-workers, things go wrong......! Pushed down onto the bed, Kaori gets her weak spots fondled......"This is wrong!" Even after Kaori throws him out of her house, he shows up at her office......! Fumiya forces himself on Kaori over and over...... Soon Kaori finds she can't resist the growing seed of pleasure that was planted inside her......! There's no escape from being trained by a phycopath...... There's no escape from this terrifying love!


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author :

Saki Asaoka

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Yandere Kareshi no Kyouai Choukyou Boku no Ai kara wa Nigerarenai yo

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How to Be Trained by Your Psychopathic Boyfriend

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December 28, 2019 (JST)
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