Brazenly In Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

author :

Akira Nakata


Ryono Kitagawa, the sales department superstar with the reputation of being the most handsome guy in the company, has a secret he can't tell anyone about. He's a scaredy-cat who blushes from unexpected events. One day, he realizes he can calm down in front of Ryo Natsume, his strict senior colleague who's the hope of the R&D department, and someone he didn't like. For some reason, he feels relieved whenever Ryo's around. Ever since then, he's become attached...! On the other hand, though Ryo's irritated by Ryono's unconscious behavior, he also had a secret. He's totally into guys and has had his eyes on Ryono ever since Ryono joined the company four years ago...! A slow business man with erythromania and a workaholic.


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author :

Akira Nakata

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Koi suru Tetsumenpi

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Brazenly In Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

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