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AuthorYakan Misaki Inori
Review 5(11 Review)
The hit gender-swap yaoi novel is now a comic! To return to manhood, he has to sleep with another guy!? Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn into a woman. To turn back into a man, he has to have sex with men! Alto confesses his problem to the handsome bad-boy knight Sir Lloyd, who's only too happy to "help him out." Alto shouldn't be enjoying this, so why does it feel so good!? And then there's Sir Lune, the well-mannered knight-in-shining-armor Alto has always admired, who's worried about Alto, too... Enjoy this one-of-a-kind story full of gender-swap sex, boys loving boys, and a love triangle involving two handsome knights!
This work contains both straight and gay themes.

AuthorYori Takao
Torao is a delinquent who's always eager to let his fists do the talking. His greatest enemy is Ryohei, both the strongest guy in school and a terrible womanizer. When Torao tries to get revenge for the time Ryohei humiliated him in a fight, his plans are thwarted by a mysterious potion that turns him into a girl. From that point on, Torao (now Torako) develops a steamy and complicated relationship with the boy he hates! But, is hate really the only thing on Torao's mind!?

AuthorSaori Nobana
Review 5(7 Review)
Sakura Somei has been praised for being cute ever since he was little. In high school, he heard rumors about Tsukasa Yukihira, a guy even better looking than himself, and finds himself falling for him at first sight. Sakura is so sure Tsukasa will fall for his pretty-boy charms if he hangs around him long enough, he follows him to the point of acting like a stalker. Although he manages to get into the same college as Tsukasa, his stubborn personality doesn't allow him to come clean about how he feels. Sakura is eventually unable to keep his feelings at bay and ends up locking lips with Tsukasa! In the aftermath, he soon discovers what kind Prince Charming Tsukasa is really like...!

AuthorOuji Maguro
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 4(1 Review)
On an afternoon like any other, high-schooler Nanaki falls into a pond that's shrouded in legend and suddenly turns into a girl! Although mortified, he loves how soft and smooth women's bodies are, so... Why not have some fun? He tries on his own, but can't quite seem to get it right... And that's how Souma, Nanaki's step-brother, finds him when he gets home from work! Once Nanaki's hero, "Soumy" is now nothing but an annoyance... That is, until Souma shows Nanaki how to fully enjoy a woman's body! Why is he doing this, and why does it feel so good!?


Kiss and Tell

( Current vol 19 )
AuthorAnna Takamura
Review 5(5 Review)
"The guy I hate knows my most humiliating secret... And now my lower half is reacting to his tongue in my mouth...!" Leo is a popular but self-conscious guy on campus who's been hiding the fact that he can't "get it up" lately. Not even therapy (porn) seems to help. At a party one night, he's forced to kiss his popular and irritating neighbor Ryosuke in front of everyone. Ryosuke's unexpectedly skillful tongue takes the lead, moving deeply inside Leo's mouth... Then Leo's body begins to react. Leo thought he had erectile dysfunction, so how can he be getting turned on in a situation like this...!?

AuthorKanan Shima
Review 5(3 Review)
Gorgeous billionaire Shiki Saionji is in a convenience store for the first time in his life. Used to a life filled with elegance and grace, he finds himself nauseated by the rowdiness of the store, until a sweet, innocent girl at the counter helps him buy his cup of coffee, and he quickly falls in love. "Will you take my hand in marriage?" he asks. Our heroine in this love story is Hana Yamada, who can't understand what this beautiful, god-like creature is after! Having no idea who he is, she dodges his daily advances... But, Hana is desperately in need of some money to pay off a debt... Realizing this, Shiki presents an audacious proposal. "I know! I shall pay for you to spend the night with me!" Don't miss this pure, erotic, romantic comedy!


He Knows What I Do After Dark

( Current vol 2 )
AuthorYuki Matsushita
Review 5(1 Review)
Mizuto Kusaka is a serious and diligent office worker... by day. At night, however, he works as a rent-boy! One day, he heads to the club after work as usual, but the client who's waiting for him is, unbelievably, his obnoxious, accomplished coworker Shinichi Takasugi! Shinichi gently caresses Mizuto, who can't help finding it... irresistible... An arrogant hotshot and a goody-goody with a wild side get down 'n' dirty in this steamy office romance!


Lovesick Odd Couple

( Current vol 11 )
Review 5(2 Review)
"You're this turned on when I've hardly touched you yet? What a naughty boy..." Kaoru is a tough guy with a secret he can't reveal to anyone: after getting chased down by the police... he likes to jack off!! But how could he possibly tell anyone about a fetish like that!? It's a secret he can never allow to get out. After Kaoru and his friend get involved in another police chase, his arousal demands his attention in the park. Just as he's about to masturbate... a police officer appears...!! When a cop catches Kaoru exposed, is his darkest fantasy going to become real...!!?


My Hopeless Dreamer

( Current vol 3 )
AuthorNerima zim
Shinobu Aizawa is already in his forties, but he works part-time as a security guard while pursuing his dream of becoming an archeologist. One day, he is sent to work at a party venue and the guy he tries to hold down for making a fuss turns out to be Aldo, the very prince who organized the party. Before Shinobu has a chance to understand what's going on, he's being dragged into the center of the room and introduced as the prince's fiance! This is a romantic love story between a bold and brazen prince and a middle-aged dreamer by the popular manga artist Nerima zim!

AuthorTomoha Kakura
PublisherLove Chocolat
Review 5(1 Review)
Yuna Soma encounters a prince-like stud on her way to work who cheers her up. That same night, she receives a phone call from someone claiming to be a friend of her deceased father. Something happened when her father was still alive and the voice tells Yuna he has something of her father's to hand her. She's not sure whether to believe him or not, but she goes to his place anyway. However, she ends up getting dragged into a mobster's office, and she finds the young gang leader who looks just like the prince she met that morning! She's being kissed all of a sudden, stripped of her underwear, and she finds herself being touched all over! She shouldn't like it, but she's starting to feel good...

AuthorTakumi Izaki
Ai has been assigned to work as the newly appointed company president Kaiji's secretary. Although he is a bit aloof, Ai takes pride in the fact her new boss is good at his job and starts feeling something more. She thought that their positions in the company would make romance a fleeting dream, but when Kaiji says,"I see you as a valuable partner," the two spend the night together... The company president and his secretary; a love story that transcends status.

After helping start the yaoi research club and being subjected to all kinds of bizarre experiments in the name of research, Satou continues to enjoy his friendship (?) with Kaname and Yuusuke. The year has come to a close, and in the ensuing party, Satou drinks everything that's put in front of him and ends up... in the company of two very hungry "wolves"... This is a bonus chapter accompanying the highly acclaimed manga "Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club!"

PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 3(2 Review)
"I'll let you make me a woman, so can I have your first time, Shinta?" I have three siblings and one of them is starting to freak me out. Miyabina is beyond possessive and totally dependent on me. I thought it was just because I was her older brother, but...


Honeymoon Wedding

( Current vol 2 )
AuthorChisa Takasuka
Misuzu and Seiji are a newlywed couple with a 14-year age difference. Misuzu is overjoyed to be married... to her childhood love! But even so, they haven't done more than kiss. They've never slept together! Misuzu enjoys being kissed and touched, but what's wrong with expecting a little more? Rather than touching herself, she longs for Sei to love her with his fingers and tongue. Could this be the beginning of a sweet and naughty honeymoon for both of them?

AuthorRinko Nami
There's this one guy who never comes to Sumire's counter at the convenience store where she works. "Again!?" she thinks, annoyed, until he falls to the floor right in front of her, and she ends up having to carry him up to his apartment. When she gets there, she realizes he's a... manga artist!! On top of that, he begs her to help him with his manga, and she does. The two are from completely different worlds, but with this sudden proximity, Sumire starts to realize how much fun she has with him. She wants to get to know him more... help him more! Or, so she tries to do, but... Includes other cute and spicy love stories!

Tess is taken aback by her arrogant father's will. Unless she marries Alec, an English entrepreneur, she won't be allowed to live with her beloved younger sister, and Alec won't be able to get his mansion back. With no choice, they carry through with the marriage, but Tess is hurt by Alec's cold stares at first. As time passes, the distance between them lessens. She can't stop thinking about him and the attraction she feels can't be denied. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before she falls for him completely!



You're My Irresistible Extracurricular!

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorTakayuki Shidatsu
Review 5(1 Review)
Miidera is a promising new member of his high school's baseball team, but he's forced to take a temporary leave of absence after breaking his leg. Restless and alone, Miidera aimlessly wanders into an empty classroom where he meets Yukami, a senior in the art club who is apparently painting the school grounds. Miidera tries to leave, but he stumbles on his crutches, ripping a hole in the canvas! "I'll do anything!" he insists, stricken by the trouble he's caused, so Yukami asks him to model for a new painting. Miidera reluctantly agrees, and Yukami happily begins removing the younger student's clothes...! This is a pure yet erotic school love story from Takayuki Shidatsu, author of "Your Butt Fetish is a Pain in my Ass"!

Selene lives on a remote Greek island with her abusive father, dreaming of the day that she can be free. At the age of seventeen, she falls in love for the first time with her father's business rival, the young and wealthy Stefan. He earnestly listens to her dreams and tells her they should meet again in five years. Hanging on to those words, she makes a secret plan to escape the island. But on that fateful day, the innocent Selene learns that Stefan might just be more dangerous than she imagined.


What did I do to deserve this? Engaged to be married at an early age, Anna devoted her life to becoming the future queen of Santina. Little did she imagine that her fiance would fall in love with another woman and announce his engagement on TV... To avoid embarrassing her parents and the royal family, Anna attends her ex-fiance's engagement party, where she is humiliated in front of the crowd and the media. But she is saved when gorgeous billionaire Leo appears in front of her. He then spirits Anna away from the palace and tries to seduce her...with a date that goes terribly wrong!


Talia disguises herself as her twin brother to enter the desert kingdom of Zohayd, only to be kidnapped and held captive there. Just as she realizes her desperate situation, a handsome man makes an explosive entrance and appears before her. Seeing through Talia's disguise right away, he tries to seduce her. It is only after Talia kisses him that she discovers his name is Harres Aal Shalaan. He is the prince of the family that sent her twin brother to prison! Her burning desire for him quickly shifts to intense hatred...


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