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My Frilly Secret [Total ch. 9] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic


Aoi Suda is a gloomy, friendless kid, but nobody knows he's hiding a big secret... That is, he loves cute, girly things, and he's always cross-dressing on the sneak at home. One day, Yuto Moriuchi, his good-looking yet slightly intimidating classmate, accidentally finds out about his cross-dressing hobby! What's Aoi going to do...!?


The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout [Total ch. 9] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


A Japanese Brazilian top X shy Japanese bottom
Leo and Kuro grew up together. After deciding to follow the same path as adults, they ended up becoming M.M.A. rivals in the ring. Kuro, who just can't get a win against Leo inside or outside the ring, has to do whatever Leo asks as punishment... which usually leads to the bedroom. Nevertheless, Kuro is still too stubborn to accept Leo's love. His body, however, has no problem taking it!
It's Mikumo's latest hot and steamy story: a battle between two M.M.A. fighters that always leads to one being K.O.ed in bed!


The Carnivore Engineer's Beast Program [Total ch. 20] (Current ch. 7) NEW Comic


Now working in an office, Nao can't forget about a man, whose name she didn't even know, she had a relationship with during her graduation vacation to Greece years ago. Although her memory is so hazy that she can't remember his face, her body recalls his embrace and passion penetrating her to her very core. One day, a handsome engineer is added to her team for a project at work. She feels as if she might get sucked into his blue gaze when suddenly, he kisses her... he's so forward! Could this romance turn dangerous? This engineer will put in work on her body as well!


Coming Together (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic

AuthorAsuka Sora

The childhood friend I loved in junior high school and high school has suddenly moved to the apartment right across from mine! I'm dead-set on hating him, yet the memories of how much I longed for him in the past are slowly coming back, and... wait a minute. How did I end up in his room...!?


My Foster Brother Feeds from My Body [Total ch. 7] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

Maho can't believe what's happening to her. Her brother's fingers are sweetly stimulating her... Maho, Kaito, and Yamato have grown up together as siblings. The illusion of a happy family crumbles when Yamato tells Maho the "big secret" about both him and Kaito. Furthermore, Kaito also has own secret he's been hiding from Maho. Maho is shocked, but she is determined to stick with them... Kaito can't hide his desperate and longing feelings anymore as his hot breath and tongue trail her body. The sweet honey that flows from Maho's body... There's no stopping this taboo relationship.


Caught in the Act! -I'll Show You Your True Nature- (Current ch. 15) NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Kaoru Hino is a thirty-something woman with zero feminine wiles; at work, her coworkers tease her for having "absolutely no appeal." Her colleague Tashiro is the only one who believes in her, and so every day she dedicates herself entirely to her job while hoping to hold his gaze. While working overtime, Kaoru accidentally stumbles onto an adult video site and can't withstand the temptation for a little office self-love! When her voice echoes through the empty office, however, she's caught during her "solo show" by a security guard who's enamored by her expressions of pleasure. From that day, her "training" with this younger man begins. Tour Kaoru's office as they train one night at her desk, and another in the employee bathrooms. What will he ask her to do next!?


My Alter-Ego is a Gangster! [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


A mopey gangster who's as loyal as he is violent and a top-dog delinquent who's a glutton for pleasure! These testosterone-filled teenagers are up to no good, in more ways than one!

Wimpy crybaby Taichi goes to a school full of delinquents, but for some reason, all the bad kids in school think he's their leader!
There's a secret only Taichi doesn't know... the fact that he has an alter-ego who's a ruthless delinquent! And, little does Taichi know, he sometimes regresses to a child-like state. He doesn't even know what touching himself is, despite his body being in the throes of puberty...

Mitsuru Gunji, leader of a rival school's gang, takes interest in Taichi and starts initiating him into the ways of pleasure. After melting in Mitsuru's arms after his first time (mentally speaking), Taichi starts begging for more!


I can't believe my childhood friend made me cum...! Hate sex on our first day living together (Current ch. 6) NEW Comic

AuthorRen Togari

"I didn't say you could... Put it in!" How did us having a fight turn into sex!? I was supposed to enjoy living all on my own, but thanks to our parents' meddling, I now live together with my childhood friend. As we started bickering about about who owns what... Things got heated and now I'm supposed to test her and see whether she's a virgin or not!? Her sensitive breasts twitch with every touch...! As I run my fingers around her nipples... She lets out a cute moan, and I notice juices flowing out from between her legs. Now that she's grown up, she's too hot to resist! And then asks... "Is that all... You can do?" Well, if you want it that way...!


A Dangerous Warmth in His Gentle Touch [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


Uiko finds herself working a new job at a cat cafe after a certain incident. Unfortunately, she doesn't feel like she's going to be getting along with her coworker, causing her to feel stressed every day at work. That all changes, however, when her coworker shows her how sweet he actually is. Uiko keeps telling herself that she's never going to let that happen again, but no words can rid her of the fear embedded in the depths of her heart, robbing her body of its freedom.


[Sold by Chapter] Bride by Choice [Total ch. 12] Completed NEW Comic


"Lorenzo Martelli is a young bachelor from a wealthy family in Sicily. He's under pressure from his family to find a wife because his brothers have recently settled down with their loved ones. He tries to get away, but today, his mother told him to visit the family friend with four single daughters. Meanwhile, the oldest girl, Helen, is upset with Lorenzo whom she hasn't even met yet, thinking ""He must think all of my sisters are just dying to have him because he's so rich...I'll teach this bastard a lesson...!""



[Sold by Chapter] The Tycoon's Secret Affair [Total ch. 12] Completed NEW Comic


Jewel thinks she's found paradise when she lands a job working as an executive assistant on a picturesque land resort. The man she meets in the hotel bar that night proves just as alluring. He is gorgeous and powerful. Intoxicated by her good fortune, that chance encounter turns into a night of sultry passion, and drives her to ecstasy in the arms of a man whose name she does not know. Two days later, Jewel comes to work, excited to meet her new boss, the hotel's owner. Little does she know that the man waiting behind that office door is Piers Anetakis?the stranger who had coaxed her to such sensual heights?and he'll fire her without rhyme or reason just hours later. Outrageous! What a coward!



[Sold by Chapter] The Sheikh's Innocent Bride [Total ch. 12] Completed NEW Comic


Lured by a sweetly beautiful piano melody, Prince Shahir meets a beautiful lady. But, once the figure at the piano notices him, she runs out as if trying to escape from him... "Just who was that woman in my castle?" He finds the answer soon. Her name is Kirsten, and she is one of the castle custodians. He is the crown prince of a kingdom, and has no intention of something as foolish as laying a hand on an employee. However, he can't believe a woman so beautiful is a custodian... Could there be some sort of reason? And the prince playfully gets close to Kirsten?!



It's Your Fault For Being So Cute NEW Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Kodai and Shun's class decide to open a cross-dressing cafe for the school festival. Kodai, however, can't help but sigh after doing his makeup at home and looking at himself in the mirror. He enjoys cross-dressing, but worries that he doesn't look good. He's the opposite of excited for the festival and is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid his classmates finding out about his secret hobby. A visit from Shun, though, could put his plans in jeopardy...!?


I'll embrace all of you - Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?! - (Current ch. 26) NEW Comic

"You're so wet, you're overflowing... I'll take of care of this for you." "Director... if you keep going... I'll cooome...!" ?33 year-old bank employee, Kiyoko, has marriage right before her very eyes, but then one day her engagement is cancelled out of the blue. The one who comforts the disappointed Kiyoko is none other than her nemesis, Director Samejima, her superior. Loneliness on top of a few drinks, and the next thing she knows she's in bed, violently coming... The hard, hot shaft of the unapproachable director is now thrusting deep into Kiyoko, giving her a taste of unimaginable pleasure. However... The day after what Kiyoko assumes to be a no-strings-attached one-night stand, the director announces, "We got married"???!


The Wicked Arab, Reversed -Awakening A Beefcake Prince's Libido By Teasing His Huge Pecs- [Total ch. 9] (Current ch. 8) NEW Comic


"Please, make me hard... If you refuse, I'll never let you leave this place!"
In a country with a desert climate, a Japanese businessman suddenly gets kidnapped by a hunky, dark-skinned prince. The prince coerces him to help cure his erectile dysfunction, but it seems hopeless... until he teases the prince's huge pecs. It seems the prince can only get hard when he has his beautiful chest rubbed... But why, when they're both men?

A sequel to the hugely popular Arabian-themed yaoi, "The Wicked Arab"!


Professor Izumi's Indecent Ethology-A Study of Abnormal Male Sexual Behavior in Enclosed Spaces- [Total ch. 10] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


I, Sae Miguchi... was recently fortunate enough to get a job helping out around Professor Izumi's lab!! Since he researches animal behavior, it's the perfect job for me, as I love animals! At least, that's what I thought. But, actually... it looks like I made a mistake when registering my profile... Just when I thought I was going to lose my job, the professor said he would let me continue to be his assistant under one condition: cooperating in his experiments! I told him if it means I can keep working here, I'll do it! But, the theme of the experiments is the study of his and my sexual behavior... what... the... heeeeeeeck!!?
While at the mercy of the professor, whose thoughts Sae cannot comprehend, she loses the power to resist his first, gentle touch...!


Can I show you my whole self? -A second chance at true love starts with body (Current ch. 8) NEW Comic

"Don't hold back... I want to hear you cry out" His large and gentle hands lure me into a doze in the darkness. His fingers stir around in my nether regions that are so embarrassingly wet! Was my beloved senior Shibasawa always this dirty!? --Tamaki is a teacher who is reunited at her assigned high school with Shibasawa, the boy she had had a crush on. His unchanged kindness makes her heart flutter, but she has her own "reason" for being unable to take the next step... Then one day the two of them end up shut inside the pitch black warehouse of the gymnasium and they accidentally kiss! Their kiss grows deeper and deeper and soon their tongues are intertwined. -- My dear senior, tell me what this kiss truly means...!


Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague- (Current ch. 29) NEW Comic


"Sorry, but let me do you again." 30-something office worker Sae Ichinose got dumped by her boyfriend and is struggling at work. On top of this, she's suddenly kicked out of her apartment for repairs and finds her temporary residence is double-booked! She has to spend a week with her colleague and rival, Kento. Coming home drunk and collapsing on top of him one night, Sae is then pushed down as he insists, "You're the one who initiated this." The entwining of their tongues and his gentle caresses make her dripping wet. "Your body's so good I can't stop." She succumbs to the pleasure multiple times... She shouldn't like this, but when he does it this sweetly... she can't help but want more!


My Sister is My Girlfriend!? Sexual Relationship for Two Nights and Three Days [Total ch. 14] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic

I'm going on a trip with my sister for two nights and three days and having sex with her!? At the order of my sister, Nonoka, I ended up traveling in a group while pretending to be her boyfriend. We were trying to act like a couple and flirt, but when my sister's boobs and butt touched me, I was turned on immediately! We slept in one bed like a couple would, and I was losing my reasoning! "We're just acting! We can't do this! Stop teasing me with your fingers while licking my boobs! I'm gonna cum!" Nonoka was always strong, but was I going to lose to her foolishness and have sex with her for the first time!?


[Sold By Chapter] Chihira Can't Get Enough Magic Power [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic


Chihira is an ordinary boy looking to lose his innocence.
One day,his "succubus blood" awakens,which means he now needs to steal other men's vitality in order to survive. He desperately asks his best friend Arou for help...
Wait! He wanted to take someone for the first time but now he's being taken!?
What is an ordinary high school student to do when he suddenly becomes a succubus!?
A rom-com featuring a taciturn airhead and a cheerful dunce.
Includes 10 bonus comic pages and exclusive digital edition content!

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