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The Italian's Unwilling Wife Comic


Damon has shown up at Abbie's door with his heart set on revenge. Two years ago, the two were deeply in love. But Abbie's father had arranged their meeting, intent on stealing Damon's business! Her father used their genuine feelings for each other for his own gain, and in the end drove Damon to ruin. At the time, Damon blamed it all on Abbie and refused to believe it wasn't her doing. Now he's regained control of his business and rebuilt his fortunes. And his only unfinished business is with Abbie!



There's No Way This Is Fate ( Current vol 9 ) Comic Popular

PublisherKiR comics

Yuuzen, Kouetsu, and Ginga have been best friends since preschool, and they're at the top of the pecking order at a prestigious academy for only the most elite alphas. With their good looks, money, and academic prowess, they enjoy life on easy mode... at least, until one day, Yuuzen displays symptoms of being an omega! Unable to resist Yuuzen's pheromones despite the medicine they take, Kouetsu and Ginga give in to their instincts. Taking turns, they force themselves upon a confused and ecstatic Yuuzen...


The Runaway Falls in Love Comic


Mamoru runs away from home and decides to crash at Taketo's, a guy he barely knows from some of his old frat parties. But, Taketo only lets him do this on one condition... That Mamoru sleeps with him as "rent"! Either Mamoru leaves, or he agrees to the condition... What will Mamoru end up doing!!?

Includes bonus pages exclusive to Renta!


The Prince She Had to Marry Comic


Princess Lili had grown up knowing that she would someday marry Prince Rule of Montedoro, until the day the prince announced he was marrying another woman. To Lili's surprise, Prince Rule's aloof brother, Alex, gently consoles her, and it's amid this confusion that she notices the desire in his eyes... One thing leads to another and they make love. She later learns that she's pregnant, and they're set to get married...but Lili isn't sure how she feels about a marriage with cold, mysterious Alex. She's nervous about what their partnership will be like. Meanwhile, Alex is working through an unbearable darkness that threatens to crush his heart...



Sarah's Child [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Sarah has been in love with Rome for a very long time, but her best friend, Diane, married him. Sarah would never break up their marriage, so she's always kept her feelings to herself. Even after Rome lost Diane and their young children in an accident two years ago, all Sarah could do was watch over him as he ached. She knows Rome's love still belongs to his late wife, but she can't stop herself from loving him even if she never confesses to it. However, one day when Sarah gently holds him as he's overwhelmed in sorrow, something subtle changes...and they wind up kissing!



The Gilded Flower Memoirs ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

PublisherRenta Comics

"One day, you're sure to become the Queen of France."

In 18th Century Paris... Nicole, a maid, and Jeanne, a socialite, are the best of friends. Nicole's one wish is for the beautiful and clever Jeanne to become the Queen of France, as predicted by a fortune-teller.
However, since she's of common birth, Jeanne is scorned by members of the peerage. Unperturbed, Nicole somehow manages to get an invitation to the upcoming masked ball, and both of them sneak in...
Do they have a chance at actually meeting Louis XV, the King of France...!?

This memoir details the life of the first commoner to be taken as courtesan to a King of France.
A tale of romance with connections to both Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution!!


The Unlikely Mistress Comic


Sabrina goes on a solo trip to Venice, where she meets a mysterious man named Guy Masters. The two are immediately attracted to each other and spend a passionate night together, but Sabrina senses that she is probably one of Guy's many conquests, so she heads home without telling him. She is trying to return to her ordinary life in England, when Guy suddenly appears at her workplace with a ring : the engagement ring she received from another man!



Starlet in the Moonlit Oasis Comic


Ashraf, a member of a royal family from the middle east, meets Cindy, a child of the slums in New York City. Upon recognizing her inherent musical talents, Ashraf offers her a deal. "I'll loan you all the money you need to become a professional singer. But, I'm buying your virginity, too." Not before long, the seedlings of love begin to sprout... Will these two from entirely different worlds ever end up together?



The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What! ( Current vol 15 ) Comic Popular

PublisherCLAP Comix

"No problem. A man always keeps his word. We can do it as many times as you want." Sakiko Kotohira is a devoted yaoi fangirl and absolutely head over heels for Reiji, the cool, dominant protagonist of her favorite comic. One of the highlights of Sakiko's day is catching a glimpse of Masayuki Utazu, a coworker who happens to look just like Reiji. One day, distracted by her daydreams, Sakiko suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the office lookalike. He turns out to be even hotter than she'd imagined. Desperate for material to fuel future fantasies, Sakiko all but rips her clothes off and pounces on the guy. Masayuki's cool, imperial resolve melts away in a second. Further prompted by a secret reason of his own, Masayuki decides he has to have her!! Get ready for a showdown between two explosive desires, as well as a passionate battle of misunderstandings!


I'll Keep It a Secret So Let Me Do You -The Aggressive Guy Is My Co-worker and Sometimes Housekeeper- ( Current vol 12 ) Comic


"No... wait..." "You say that, but your body seems to be enjoying this." ...This super aggressive guy knows my secrets and now he's forcing himself on me. Futaba works hard as an admin every day. Her co-worker's Takaya, a go-getter who likes to tease her, so they often fight... Compared to him, department manager Mr. Atsugi is kind and cares about his staff. Then, one day, it's decided that all the team members will come to Futaba's apartment for a party. But, she's horrible when it comes to housework, and her place's a complete mess. If Mr. Atsugi were to ever see this, she'd have to give up any hope of being with him... With no other option, she hires a house cleaning service. A few days later, after coming home tired from work, and having completely forgotten that she hired a service, Futaba starts to touch herself while thinking of Mr. Atsugi... Just then, the housekeeper who came over sees her! To her surprise, it turns out to be the devious Takaya...!


I'll Act, But I Never Said I'd Do That! [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


"I'll help you with your 'special training'!" Aspiring actor, Tetsu, spends day after day auditioning for roles, but is turned down due to his delinquent personality, leaving him with little choice but to lodge with his long time friend, Satoshi, who is a popular scriptwriter. Finally, a shot at a lead role presents itself to a disparaged Tetsu, but the offer turns out to be for a "man on man romance" movie. Being attracted to men himself, Satoshi offers Tetsu his guidance to help him get into character, but ends up getting jeered at... Clearly irritated, Satoshi says, "Fine. I'll help you out as an 'experiment'. Why don't we give it a try?" And with that, the two friends cross a line they never thought they would... all because of a movie! A cool-headed, popular writer meets an idiotic delinquent actor in this heart-pounding sensual story!


Love Me with Your Butt, Mr. Pecs! ( Current vol 8 ) Comic

AuthorMaki Uda
PublisherTakada Shobo

Mr. Jinpei Oshima has come to substitute for a teacher who is away on maternity leave. He finds himself struggling to control Riichi, the class delinquent, but after learning of the teen's situation at home, Jinpei is determined to help. His motherly instincts won't let him leave the boy alone. Riichi is rebellious at first, but gradually comes to like his new teacher. That's when Riichi happens to see a gay adult film star online who looks exactly like Jinpei! Riichi confronts him about it, triggering a turn of events beyond the older man's wildest imagination...


Come and Eat Me, Breakfast Boy! ( Current vol 8 ) Comic Hot


My friend decided to run off and leave me with her debt. I'd been working three jobs and living at an internet cafe... I was so exhausted, I almost collapsed... but this super hot chef saved me just before I did! With an exasperated look on his face, he cooked me some food, all the while insisting that I was being scammed by my friend. One thing led to another, and I ended up being invited for a night at a five-star hotel with him!! Is this the night I lose my virginity...? This is a 62-page long story created by a brand new author and brought to you at a special price. You'll see the climactic scene in full color and get a few more pages of it to read free!


When the Snow Thaws [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic


One day, Sumito sees a man who is crying in the park. It turns out to be Yoshihito Someya, a literature teacher at his school. The more Sumito finds out about Mr. Someya, the stronger his attraction to him becomes, while Mr. Someya becomes more and more reluctant to close the distance between them. Mr. Someya had had a bitter experience in the past that caused him to be wary of Sumito... A bittersweet romance about a student who is true to his instincts and a teacher who is constrained by his past.


Love & Business -We're with You 24 Hours a Day- [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic


Mikoto's life gets suddenly turned upside down when her mom gets remarried to a high-profile celebrity and hires two handsome "bodyguards" to protect her. Mikoto doesn't care how hot they are-she just doesn't want them accompanying her everywhere. She wants her freedom back! Despite her dissatisfaction, one of her bodyguards, Tsubame, comes and whispers a suggestion in her ear: If she needs a reason to have him by her side, why don't they become lovers? If he keeps casually touching Mikoto like this, though, she won't know what to do!


Billionaire Without a Past Comic


Shortly after Rachel quits her dream job as a ballerina, she meets Nikolai, a billionaire, at her friend's wedding. She is immediately attracted to his sad and mysterious eyes. He's tried to keep his personal life a secret by distancing himself from the friends he grew up with in the orphanage. Rachel tries to get Nikolai to stay at the wedding, since she can see that he is in pain. She herself has been wondering whether she deserves to love and be loved. But while Rachel is talking about her dream of being a ballet critic, he suddenly presses his lips against hers.



Driving Force Comic


When her ex-husband, West, an F1 racer, is seriously injured, arrangements are made for Maddy to be his physical therapist. For Maddy, this dredges up their painful past. After all, she left him because she loved him. However, once he recovers from his injuries, he'll end up going back to a dangerous world... Will Maddy be able to hide her growing feelings and continue to act as his physical therapist?



Tycoon's Ring of Convenience Comic


"I want to protect the estate my father left behind." That's the wish Diana carries in her heart to get her through tough times. One day, Nikos Tramontes, a young, wealthy businessman, promises to grant her wish. He tells Diana that in order to enter high society he needs her lineage, and proposes a two-year marriage contact in exchange for a substantial amount of money. Ever since her mother abandoned her and her father, Diana has stopped believing in love, and agrees to his proposal in order to protect the estate, thinking she can resist the dangers of falling in love. However, she has no idea of the things he is planning in secret...



Love in the Dark Comic


Stephanie lives in a small town by the sea, far away from people's attention, to avoid a five-year-old incident. Then a man shows up in front of her and Ewan, her lover. It's none other than Gerard, who knows what happened five years ago! Scared of the past coming out in the open, Stephanie makes a risky proposition to Gerard: she'll be his possession as long as he keeps his mouth shut...?



The Groom is a Phantom of the Night Comic


Julia is a nobleman's daughter who's become fascinated with a phantom known for saving the poor. She begins to investigate his whereabouts and research the goings-on in the darkest parts of the city, when Lord Rowe MacMillan, a famous playboy, starts to get in her way...


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