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I'm Calling Off This Engagement! (Current ch. 3) Comic

Celenzia wakes up after a bump to the head with memories of her past life. She has lived a sheltered life as a high-born maiden. Armed with her previous memories and newfound, daring attitude, she manages to put an end to her engagement to her no-good, cheating fiance by catching him in the act. She's finally free, but now she has to deal with pretty-boy Albert getting involved in her affairs!? Celenzia intends to forge her own path and decide her own love life, but things don't end up going quite as planned!


The Prefect's Private Garden (Current ch. 9) Comic

A twist of fate leads to Mioto Sakura attending a dormitory school for society's elite. Bullied by his peers for being a "nouveau riche"-a commoner-Mioto endures his school life with stoic indifference. Unable to sleep one night, he wanders the dorm grounds and stumbles upon a chapel. There, he befriends the mysterious and beautiful Tsukihito Touin.

The next day, Mioto finds himself being chosen as Tsukihito's protege, a position coveted by everyone around him...!

A dramatic romance surrounded by school rules and caste systems begins to bloom!


Make Me Hard -My Boss Doesn't Know How to Go Easy on Me- (Current ch. 3) Comic

"You're so fun to tease." --- Umeko is single and virgin, who is a BL manga artist in secret. She enjoys fantasizing her boss, Miyakado, in her manga. One day, her editor tells Umeko, "your manga is not sensual enough! You're fired unless you see the actual penis!" Umeko, not knowing what to do, asked Miyakado to show her, but, he comes onto Umeko, saying, "make me hard then..."


How to Make a Delicious You [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 2) Comic

Stubborn office worker Seiji Kondou's latest obsession is a new deli that's exactly up his alley. The only catch is that the suspiciously flirty owner, Haruki Kakibaya, keeps calling Seiji "cute". One day, Haruki kisses Seiji out of the blue...!! This is a delicious love story between a flirty cook and a bashful office worker.


Almost Perfect Comic


Maggie, a pediatrician, invited her childhood friend, Jake, to her hospital's reception party. It's been fifteen years since she last saw him, and he's become a stunning cowboy who catches everyone's eye when he walks into a room. Is he really the same skinny Jake I once knew? That's when her ex-husband walked in with his new fiancee. Maggie asked Jake to act like her boyfriend in an attempt to make her ex-husband jealous. Jake listened to her wishes and told her he'd play the best lover ever and kissed her...!



The Beast Beneath the Skirt (Current ch. 42) Comic


Shizuka goes to a party but can't get into the mood. Just then, a stunning woman named Ryou approaches her. They ditch the party to have a drink together and quickly hit it off. Shizuka ends up going to Ryou's place afterward, where Ryou suddenly pushes a kiss on her. Shizuka thinks that Ryou must be a lesbian, and then she feels something hard below Ryou's waist. Could Ryou actually be... a man...!? Shizuka's mind goes blank as Ryou's fingers delve into her deepest area...!


Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride Comic


Max and Lizzie became best friends back in high school as a result of some trivial event. They say a friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, but their friendship has been thriving for years. They both carry a painful past and have a pact to keep: They won't get married until they die. Years later, Max has become an IT millionaire and women refuse to leave him alone. But his focus is to support underprivileged children. One day, out of the blue, he asks Lizzie to marry him in order to adopt a child?!



The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior (Current ch. 41) Comic


Usa's started living on his own after his parents moved away for work. When he shows up at his new place, he's stuck with an eccentric old lady and a perverted roommate. Just as he's about to leave, the girl he likes, Ritsu, shows up...! This is a comedy about the throes of youth that's 30% romance and 70% comedy!


Taming Luke Comic


Jane, a talented secretary, is given an impossible mission by her CEO boss. His grandson Luke is crude, wild and ridiculously sexy, and Jane has been tasked with transforming him into a suitable company successor. Though she is hesitant to take on the challenge, she knows she'll be fired if she refuses. So, she attempts to transform Luke into a respectable businessman. But despite his wild behavior, Jane is not immune to his charm...



Do Black Cats Dream of Wolf Princes? [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) Comic

Authorudon nodu

In a world divided into dogs (dominants) and cats (submissives), Aoi Natsuyama was one of the most common cat types: a house cat. All he wanted in life was to find the prince of his dreams. The prince he's fallen in love with is a handsome wolf, Yukio, who he's seen in naughty videos. Aoi decides to get a job in the industry to meet him, but it turns out Yukio isn't charming or kind at all!!
A cute, Cinderella love story between a dual-natured wolf and a dreamy-yet-kind-of-pushy cat!


The Fickle Owner and His Uninvited Cat [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


One day, Rikuo Araragi finds a pretty man lying in front of his door. "I'm the cat you helped last week!" The man makes this outrageous claim and begs Rikuo to take him in. Thus starts Rikuo's life with the "cat"... Rikuo's lonely for companionship too, so even though the "cat" annoys him with his nightly self-pleasuring, he lets the cat stay. One day, he finds his pet "cat" wearing an expensive suit. Things start to unravel and Rikuo starts to feel as if their feelings aren't in sync anymore...


Wrong Man, Right Kiss Comic


It happened the night of a masquerade ball when a twenty-three-year-old Molly was given a special kiss. The only thing she could see in the dark was a ring on his finger, Garrett's ring! Convinced that Garrett is the man she was destined to be with, she goes to his brother, Julian, asking him to teach her how to seduce a man. Julian suggests attracting his brother's attention by having Molly pretend to be his girlfriend. Maybe it will work - the notorious playboy should know. But she never thought she'd end up living with Julian, who is the first person that she had ever fallen in love with.



Beauty And The Baron 1 (Current ch. 2) Comic


One day, the impoverished but kind Angela receives a visit from the successor to a neighboring Earl, Lord Daventry. Hiding a terrible war wound with a mask, Lord Daventry avoids the public eye. He is feared by the people of the village, who believe he practices black magic. "What business could Lord Daventry have with me?" On her guard, Angela asks the reason for his visit, and Lord Daventry opens his dour mouth and abruptly proposes marriage. His grandfather's death is imminent, and to make him happy, Lord Daventry proposes a fictional engagement. Not realizing that her heart is drawn to this closed-off man, Angela accepts.



Circle Of Gold Comic


Sparks fly the moment Kasie Mayfield arrives at Gil Callister's sprawling Montana ranch. Never in her wildest dreams does Kasie imagine that her formidable new boss might sweep her off her feet with his potent charm. Before long, she falls in love so deeply that her heart aches. But how does he feel? The enigmatic rancher is impossible to read, but can Kasie convince the hard-edged widower that a circle of gold belongs on her finger forever?



I'll Show You how Good It Feels, Just Like in the Comics. -My Co-Worker's a Party Boy and Ex-Indie Comic Artist- (Current ch. 6) Comic


Nana Adachi is a geeky, plain girl who works an office job. She dreams of being a yaoi comic artist.
Minato Kashiwagi is two years younger than her and is a party boy who works in the sales division of the same company.
He picks on Nana again, and she finally decides to go to a club with him!
Minato seems to have some kind of secret... He wants her to feel everything and remember it for her comics.

What should she do? It's her first time, but the sensations are too strong and she's left speechless.
How will Nana react to the aggressive Minato...?


Please Kiss Me, Scaredy-Cat! Comic

The first person to ever confess their feelings for Sawa, a tiny unpopular guy, is a weak, depressing-looking bean pole... and a dude!! He introduced himself as Ono, but even though he followed him all the way to his work, he said "Forget about it," and became timid and negative. What was with that bold confession!? The touching love of a scaredy-cat boy and his audacious superior! Other cute stories are also included!


The Italian's Inherited Mistress Comic


Housesitting in her isolated Scottish Highland childhood home, Isla learns of her sister and brother-in-law's deaths six weeks after the accident. As she attempts to process the news, she receives an unexpected visitor. The last time she'd seen her brother-in-law's twin was at her sister's wedding six years ago... Barging into her childhood home with the force of a blizzard and his eyes blazing, Alissandru Rossetti demands to know when the affair with her brother-in-law began. Outside, the wind begins to howl...



Secrets and Lies [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

AuthorSai Naoe

Kai Matsunaga runs his own small flower shop. Masamune Tatsumi is a man who doesn't look like he belongs among all of the roses and tulips. Though one day, Masamune walks in and, to Kai's chagrin, simply orders "white flowers." Kai's appalled at how rude and curt Masamune is, but the more they talk, the more they get to know each other. Unfortunately, Shiro Yagami is about to ruin whatever relationship they were building. He violates Kai's sweet, innocent body... but why?


It's a Wonderful Job -I'm a Newbie, but I'll Do My Best at Work... And Love!- [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Is there really such a thing as fate when it comes to love...!? Hajime Usami is a new employee at an IT company. Working at such a big office has him overwhelmed from Day One. He's trying his best, but nothing seems to be going right. As he's worrying over what to do... his knight in shining armor appears! Wait... is this love, perhaps? Or just admiration? An office boy-love story about a newbie doing his best to succeed at work and love!!


They'Re Wed Again! Comic


Belle is in bed with influenza. When she answered the door and saw her ex-husband Luke, she loses consciousness. Belle had been working at a major investment consultancy company when she met Luke, who was only a postgraduate student. They fell in love and married young, believing that the difference in their incomes and position in society would make no difference to their love.... However their marriage did not last and seven years have passed since their divorce. In the flesh once again, Luke appears almost terrifyingly handsome, and she is spellbound by his mature manliness. But why has he appeared now...?


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