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The Governess and the Sheikh Comic


When Cassie, the daughter of a famed British family, was staying in the Middle East, she learned that the prince of the neighboring country was looking for a governess for his daughter. Cassie didn't want to return to her homeland because of bad memories, so she applied for the job under a fake name. She was hired, and when she was waiting to be taken to her new job, a man suddenly appeared in her tent! It was Sheikh Jamil al-Nazarri, her new boss. She couldn't believe that he would sneak into the tent of a sleeping woman without permission! He looked at her coldly and said he didn't need permission because it was his country!



Rumors That Ruined a Lady Comic


The year is 1830 and Caroline, the daughter of a British aristocrat, can no longer bear the violence of the man her father decided she would marry. She impulsively gets her hands on a powerful drug, and as her consciousness fades away, she realizes she is being held by gentle arms. Could it be her secret love, Sebastian Conway? She and the aloof Sebastian keep meeting and parting...It's a love that makes Caroline want to cry. Must they be forever kept apart by circumstance?



Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


Lady Celia's father had arranged her marriage to a diplomat, and then, before they could even enjoy married life, they departed to Arabia, where her husband was to be stationed. But they were attacked by rebels during their journey and Celia's husband was killed. Thank goodness a handsome local man showed up to save Celia at just the moment when her life was in danger! It turns out that the man who appeared was none other than Sheikh Ramiz of A'Qadiz. And now the beautiful prince who risked his life to save hers has asked Celia to join his harem!



The Beauty Within Comic


Cressie may be the daughter of a count, but her family has never let her forget that she is the most plain of all of her sisters. Now, years after her debut in London high society, she still hasn't found a husband...and her father, the stern Count Armstrong, tells her she will now serve as her stepbrothers' tutor. Left with no choice but to obey his orders, she arrives at her stepmother's house, where she meets Giovanni di Matteo. He's a world-famous portrait artist who's been hired to paint a picture of her stepbrothers. Cressie doesn't know how to respond when the gorgeous Signor di Matteo tells her he wants to paint her picture, but before long, she feels the distance between the two of them growing smaller. Little does she know that Giovanni hasn't been entirely forthcoming about his background...


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