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The Switch: Me And The Boss I Used To Bully -With The Touch Of My Hands Let Me Hear Your Naughty Cries...!- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

Rinko is searching for a new job after the previous company she worked for went bankrupt. While at an interview, she is stunned by the Managing Director Ryu Kurose, who is also the son of the company's founder. She is accepted for the position, but realizes that Ryu is her childhood friend she used to bully 20 years ago. One day, Rinko is called up to his office and he tells her that he'll get his revenge. He makes her undress and gives her a piercing stare. He looks down on her with his sharp eyes, and while he uses his long, thick fingers to play with her, she gives in and can't hold herself back... Will Rinko be able to manage his revenge? What awaits Rinko as Ryu carries out his vengeance...!?


The Super Sadistic Scientists -The Lewd Pet Experiment at the Office- Comic


"I'm begging you! Take me and ravish me until I'm crazy!" It's just what this boring typical office worker has been waiting for, days soaked in pleasure. In the company research and development aphrodisiac...surrounded by gauges and equipment. And that disgusting guy. Forced to take the drug, and turned into the prey for the experiment, she's blackmailed by the researcher Nagumo. Please give me the sex that drives me crazy, leaves me soaking wet, and feels so good I can't hold back!

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