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A Study in Undying Friendship and Longing [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic


When Haruma Ikushima found out his friend Misaki Masugami was attracted to guys, it didn't sour things between them. In fact, Haruma started noticing his friend more and more. It's been years now, and Haruma's feelings for Misaki have stayed a well-guarded secret. One day, Misaki shows up at his place after getting dumped for the millionth time... but this time, they get drunk and make a huge mistake. That mistake might just cost Haruma his lifelong love...

Includes one digital-edition-only manga page and a bonus page from the paper edition!


Wolf Me Up [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Popular


Taishi Odagiri wishes he weren't so short. Thanks to his height, he hasn't had a girlfriend for 17 years... let alone been intimate with a girl. Deciding to do something about it, Taishi goes to Haruomi Tsukamoto, a tall, unfriendly guy who Taishi feels has all the qualities he's always wanted in himself... but then, Haruomi proposes Taishi be his girlfriend for a while!! Taishi agrees to do this to learn how to "be a man," but on their date that day, Haruomi suddenly kisses him...!


The Lovesick Flower Buds Waiting for Spring [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


On his way home from his after-school job, Ayumu Ninomiya meets a blond-haired boy who has just been accused of shoplifting. The boy, Ryosuke Nakahara, wears the same school uniform as Ayumu's younger brother, and he seems wrapped in an air of loneliness. Ayumu can't just let him go. Soon enough, they're spending more and more time together. Ayumu cares for Ryosuke like a younger brother, but what was that sudden kiss...? Ryosuke has just found love, and the target of his affection is Ayumu! Includes a bonus page plus a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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