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Lunar Mansions / A Couple's Afterheat Comic

AuthorNatsuo Ito

Koushi, a young man brimming with curiousity, is an apprentice doctor working under the only doctor in town. He respects Doctor Xida, despite his seemingly unfriendly and misunderstood demeanor, and he prides himself on being the only one who can understand him. However, one day, Doctor Xida is visited by government officials who command him to go to war. Koushi, overwhelmed by their sudden farewell, is suddenly visited by Xida one night...


A Miniature-Garden Romance Comic

AuthorNatsuo Ito

His wish was to create a work like "he" makes. Living in the dorm at a vocational school for arts and crafts, Masataka has been struggling with his project to produce a "miniature-garden romance". Stuck in a rut, he can't stop thinking about the work of Hiromi Kunitachi, his roommate. Geometrical yet full of emotion, Hiromi's art has enormous appeal to Masataka, along with the strong will that lies behind the nonchalant yet mysterious eyes of his fascinating roommate. In addition to the title work "A Miniature-garden Romance", this book contains four other tales, including "The Teacher's Botany" and "Behind the Magic", which provide the reader with a glimpse into the world of poetry that only this unique author can create.

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