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fandomnightmare Rating
I have not been this impressed by a collection of oneshots for a long time! Every one of these stories had graceful art, grounded dialogue, and an atypical magical realist feel. The general vibe reminded me of Ran and the Grey World and The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. Sure, each story could have been a whole volume. But the magic of a good oneshot is when the emotions and the beauty of an experience can be captured in a few short pages; none of these stories NEED to be longer. To me, each was a perfect snapshot of beauty. Did I want more of every story? Yes. Do I feel like the stories were unfinished? No.Standouts to me were the title story and Visible Distance, which made me cry, but they were all excellent. This isn't the collection for you if you want fluffy stories and bishies doing it, the focus is on "love" rather than on romantic relationships. We need more BL manga like this. I'm so glad I gave this manga a chance. I'll be buying the upgrade for sure.
poppidim Rating
This manga is amazing! The art is unlike anything I've ever seen and the stories are by turns mysterious and moving (and sometimes a little bit funny, too). Even though there isn't much, um, ''action'', the characters and their relationships still grabbed and held my attention. Give it a read and immerse yourself in a world of wonders! (鐓
rockwood79 Rating
The manga pretty good, but you should try to spice up the title to make others want to read it.
candybaker21 Rating
I am kind of disappointed. The artwork was not the worst I have seen, but the story plots were all over the place. Sticking with one story to the end would have been beneficial.
CancerDragon Rating
Not Yaoi… not even a little. Cute stories, the art is pretty; but not Boys Love.
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