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Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child Dark-Hearted Desert Men 4 Comic


Tahir was in a helicopter crash on his way to his brother's coronation in Qusay. He was rescued by the beautiful Annalisa, who had been camping in the desert. Tahir suffered from amnesia, but he regained his health under Annalisa's attentive care. All alone in the isolated oasis, the two become drawn to one another and fall into each other's arms. The morning after, Tahir throws abusive words at Annalisa and drives her away. What happened to the loving man she saved? Was he only after sex all along?



The Greek's Virgin Comic


Saskia's heart was shattered when the love of her life, Alexander Koutoufides, refused to make love to her once he found out she was a virgin. Years later she still feels the pain he left her with, especially because he also ruined her father's business. Unfortunately, fate crosses their paths again, because she has to write an article about Alexander in order to earn a promotion. Initially they want nothing to do with one another, but Saskia soon realizes that her heart still burns for Alexander...and she can't help but think that, behind his cold veneer, he still feels for her, as well. But something is holding him back, something to do with Saskia's father. Will Alexander be able to give up the grudge that has kept him and Saskia apart for all theose years?


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