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stalu001 Rating
I'm so glad I bought this! The art was beautiful, the story was great, and the characters are dynamic and lovable. I definitely recommend it!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I wasn't so sure about this in the beginning because I was quick to judge Leon just like Bea did. But he was always faithful and loyal when it came to Bea and her well being. That's what I always look for in my romance story and this delivered. Art is gorgeous and the story is pretty good with a lot of romance!
Weeb4Life Rating
Fast-paced and exciting with lots of twists and turns, some good laughs, a few clich辿s and somewhat predictable (apart from the odd curveball), the characters were decently likeable and well-developed, with a believable relationship and growth. My biggest gripe is that one part made me deeply uncomfortable. These Hq stories have the awful habit of romanticizing dub-con, but this one leaned way too far into non-con (the actions, the dialogue... just... no), but at least Leon was properly remorseful and Bea is a tough cookie who bounces back from any misfortune thrown her way, a true fighter. I'd have also appreciated if ALL the misunderstandings were cleared up before the big happy reunion and love confession, because I was left wondering whether Leon really did cheat on Bea during their engagement, for way too long. Both leads go through hell during the story, so their HEA felt very deserved and cathartic.
DragonLady Rating
I definitely made the right choice in choosing this title. At first, I was a bit annoyed at Bea for not tell Leon why she REALLY broke off the engagement. It was just one big misunderstanding. This is what happens when you don't communicate with your significant other. But all in all, it was still a great story.
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