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fionav3 Rating
This is a cute, fluffy story with lovely art. Unfortunately, it falls victim to the same problem as other shorter BL's in that the ending is totally rushed and kind of unsatisfying. It also doesn't make it's time jumps very clear, and sometimes I would arrive on a page and get completely lost at the sudden change of scene/time/conversation. It was only when I went back that I realized, 'nope, not me skipping pages.' It is a sweet story, just not enough substance behind it to be memorable.
noahazuma Rating
I'm only going to give 3 stars, because while I like the drawing and the characters, even the ones on the side, the ending is so...disappointing. Yes its cute and yes it is a sort of happy ending, but the end really falls short of what it could of been...or what it should of been. At least an epilogue should be done, years in the future for Sota and Haruto...
ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
This story is unbearably cute so far! I hate that the chapters are so short but it's most definitely worth the one ticket! I can't wait till the next chapter comes out, this is a sweet romantic kind of story here. =)
MeepsandYaoi Rating
The plot pulls you in and the drawing is exactly as it should be with a cinematic look as well.
YUKI93 Rating
I actually love the storyline, I love how Haruto reminded Misuzu that breaking up is not solving thw problem. Sadly though, I do feel a bit of a cliffhanger after reading the last chapter. I'm pretty sure a follow up to this manga talking about events after the graduation will be great.
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