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kdiaz Rating
This was a very sweet story where both the male and female learn a little bit about themselves and how letting go of what holds them back, whether that's fear or the past, can bring them to happiness. I also liked that Cristiano was tender to Kate all the time unlike many harlequin-based comics
Potatosaurus Rating
I always love reading this story because they're such a nice couple with a very sweet child. Good character development. One of my favorites.
Weeb4Life Rating
Both Kate and Cristiano have had difficult lives, Kate's has been filled with grief and fear of further misfortune and Cristiano's childhood was full of hardship, but both learn to free themselves from the things which have long held them back (Kate's constant fear and Cristiano's constant push to succeed) and finally find happiness together. I just wish it didn't take so many external factors for them to realise this, it makes it feel like their HEA was just a fluke or pure luck instead of it being something they truly earned for themselves, but that's just my opinion. I'm also not a fan of how incredibly rushed the ending is, it leaves quite a few loose ends and some plot points unresolved (such as what's up with the secretary, what about his manager and her friends etc.). Heck, we never even get to see them reveal to Alexander that Cristiano is his father! I really wanted to see the kid's reaction to that! The story would have really benefitted from an epilogue.
JenFaust81 Rating
This is one of my favorites. I highly recommend it! I re-read it a lot.