User Reviews For: The Wet Flower Bud Blossoms During the Intimate Night


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NMAT64 Rating
3 stories on one book. I liked the first one the best the one where the female MC is going to marry someone just save her families Inn. But once she sees the male MC and has a one night stand is infatuated with this one night stand, she can't stop thinking about him until the meeting for the guy her parents arraigned for her to marry. The second story the female MC is in love with a senior in High school. He goes off to college, then the next year she goes to the same college, they meet up and a great love story with some sex in in.
London18 Rating
I would have loved it more if the first story had a solid ending rather than a cut off one. It's pretty obvious they end up together but I would have loved to see the dramatic reunion. Some the stories were kind of rushed but not bad.
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