User Reviews For: Dissolute Melody -Your Tone Drives Me Crazy-


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SuPeRoTaKu Rating
I was unsatisfied with the plot quality of the book.The art style was attractive, as you're obviously able to tell, but there is not much else. The story lacks substance, something I personally find relatively important. If the potential buyer is interested only in spicy scenes, you've hit the jackpot, but even then, they're laden with cliches and general unappealing dialogue. The plot was most definitely rushed, and both males were so completely insufferable I was unable to complete reading even the first volume; on that note, since I wasn't able to complete it, you may find redemption further in the book? In thesis, I don't advise on buying this manga, especially since it is only avalible for an unlimited amount of time- however, if you know you're one who values are and sex over a washed, almost baren story, this, unfortunately, is your manga.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!!! I really didn't think I was going to like this manga, the whole sluttly boy who can't control his libido type character and the shenanigans that follow. But I gave it a go anyways. So glad I did! Nozaki is a total playboy who can only have sex in the music room because he can only get aroused when he hears Asahi's violin practice (hmm, wonder why that is?). Oh it has such cuteness and Asahi's backstory is really sad. Kinda wish there was more resolve to this story, since the second and final part seemed a little to rushed, but oh well. The author heavily implies what happened and what is to be, so it wasn't too "Whaaat???" You know what I mean.
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