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eboorenta03cimjjt4 Rating
I love this comic. It was very unpredictable, unlike all other romance comics I have read. Very sweet, touching adorable but strong character portrayed, along with a subtle slice of line pinch. Thank you for the comic...
aliceanimelover Rating
First two chapters were great, but the relationship was rushed by the third chapter. Maybe it's because I love slow burn and that makes me biased, but I do enjoy more tug-of-war before the relationship develops fully. I kind of regretted buying chapter 5 and 6 since they feel like fillers. I'm actually no longer invested in the main couple anymore and wish the best friend had a love interest so I can watch how her relationship will develop given she is already a hopeless romantic. If the feelings were more developed and the romance were stretched out into more chapters perhaps this story would also sound less hypocritical against the idea it was created from.
natadecoco Rating
Loved it! I love the heroine. I thought they were going to dwell on her past, but I'm sort of glad they didn't. It's a lighthearted read, and it's got a different approach to the usual romance story for sure. Plus, the art style is very pretty! I could easily pay for more chapters if there were any, it's that good!
JustShin Rating
Cute but meh.
Lovelyone Rating
So cute! So funny! My heart! Everything was just right! Staff pick recommendation. Totally worth it!
Nova Rating
I thought it was really cute! I liked the characters they were both idiots which is my favorite type of characters. I really love the artists and read most of their series. My only issue is I want them to make more stories. Overall it was a really fun read and was really cute. 10/10
edontiveros11 Rating
Love this story about a girl who wants to forget love, but ended up finding it in the funniest way.
misshime104 Rating
It was a good story. Love everything about it but the ending was to me not to my liking. But still recommend you to read it. It's lovely, and funny and also has lovely coloring pictures.
Binx0r Rating
What do you mean 'completed'???? It's pretty good; art style, fully coloured, went a bit deeper than these sorts of stories usually do. I'm a fan, hope to see a little more about these two.
Alice Arisu Rating
Such a cute comic! I really enjoyed reading this and wished there was more but the ending was satisfactory ^-^
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