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Rachel Adams Rating
Stupid! Don't read. She's fooled by a guy she doesn't know and both her parents and she still ends up with the guy at the end. Nope. What she should have done is push them all into the closest body of water and then drive away with the entirety of the alcohol from the hotel she was in. Don't waste your time - it seemed full of promise for being interesting after looking at the first 20 pages, but it just doesn't deliver
ScarletHAP12 Rating
This is awful. She decided she wanted nothing but a physical relationship then gets fooled by a guy she barely knows and marries him in the end. They spend weeks having nothing but meaningless sex and then he says he loves her and makes a plan with her parents to marry her. She decided she loves him and they get married on the day she leans his last name and occupation. That's all they know about each other by the time they're married.
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