User Reviews For: How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out -Extra Episode-


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my1066 Rating
WOW! I read the series a while back and truly enjoyed it. (must reread again) When I saw this Extra Episode I almost squeed out loud. A great look into their relationship a little further down the road. The love vibes are strong and the smut is nice without going overboard. I'd love to find more episodes coming.
Michi Rating
Got a hardcopy of the main story, and I simply just love this couple! Hiromi is an emotion clumsy kind of guy; though he may find Keishuu clingy and annoying, I believe eventually he'd appreciate and feel fortunate that they are together and love each other. In the end, having a devoted partner is the origin of happiness. Glad to see this here, and love to see more sensei's original doujinshi here in near future.
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