User Reviews For: Hey, Wanna Do Me Too? -The Loving Beast and the Rival-


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laniaash Rating
I honestly loved the love triangle twist in this manga. Definitely not what I expected from reading the blurb. I definitely liked Tsukasa and Ebihara together to be honest. This manga is definitely worth a read.
flaky Rating
This was not what I expected from the summary, but it was somehow better?? More plot and emotion than I expected, and while I kind of wish there was one more chapter to give more closure, I liked how it ended.
CieL Rating
Hmm okay, it's kind a plot twist. But in the end I think I like how the story goes. The ML which FL likes still hv feelings for his ex, and I think it's block him to start having feeling s with younger girl. The ML rival might be straight, interest in FL but know this so he's trying to make FL interest in him on a reverse side of normal girls in the office. But I hope someday they will openly show their feelings together, the shrimp guy and our FL. Haha
Mrsmangame123 Rating
So short!!! Not enough resolution for me. I'm not really into MMF, but this was done in such a way that I was completely into it. It's not really MMF, but it would be so awesome if there was a sequel to this and Mr. Suga finally realizes he does like Tsuska as well as Mr. Ebi.
unknown10 Rating
Omg this was the best! I think this has been one of the only ones I actually am happy to have used tickets on. So cute!
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