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Oh Gosh! I love Roca Kato's series. She's a mangaka of stories with a heavy thinking of problems in the plot. Not bad though, like her smut manga Inherited Boyfriend, the story's also physicology deep. No shallow or lame story. It's great on both yaoi od smut story. And the art's pretty nice. Glad I bought it
A hot guy, room to stay, meal, and don't forget the sex for free even plus getting paid?! What else did you need else beside those? xD even I want it, really! Where could I found it? tell me~
Sweet love potrait on a dark life theme. Oh yeah I got it. This manga really show what a life is, not all happy, but not all sad as well. If you're always having a sad moment with your love one, maybe he/she isn't the right mate for you, just like what happened with Saya, the FL on her past. Then you gotta find the right person next, like Kazuhide the ML for your whole love partner, in happy moments or when facing unhappy time together
Hmm okay, it's kind a plot twist. But in the end I think I like how the story goes. The ML which FL likes still hv feelings for his ex, and I think it's block him to start having feeling s with younger girl. The ML rival might be straight, interest in FL but know this so he's trying to make FL interest in him on a reverse side of normal girls in the office. But I hope someday they will openly show their feelings together, the shrimp guy and our FL. Haha
So nice! Both the story and the cover! Brilliant! The art's okay too. It's hilarious, and sadly so true about life. It's hard, but you just have to enjoy it fully. Just like this story told. So glad that decided to buy it. Didn't go waste, specially there's a promo happening. Go buy this people! Then enjoy your life with more gratitude, no matter how hard it is! You also learn about how seahorse laid it's baby egg~ looooll
Well, the draw's nice. I like it. It's better inside than in cover. But the plot just a bit too surrealistic. Something which usually not gonna happen in real, and it goes so fast for just a 3 book (although the book's price quite high and it's thick too). So it feels jump too much. Overall it seems like all smex scene in every situations. Those bloobs sucking and licking, plus grope and a bit sensored penetration. So the art's got 5 stars, but the story goes 3 stars, so in equal 4 stars. This series got a bit hard to find else where, so I decided to buy it. And a special promo included
It's so nice! And so true.. Yeah people will try anything include in bad way to reach the highest status & pleasure life. I'm happy Shiki met Hana. The butler & Hana's consort host pair are nice too~ XD buy this guys!
It's about a cute girl with petite body and big boobs meet up with her dead boyfriend alive as normal human but in younger body. Short story, nice plot, great art. It ended well too, they leave happy together. I'm happy for them. This story contain nice character, do Japan people whom from a 'shrine specialty' family background is common to work in normal office?
The sex scene nice! Love it! The art's okay, although not really my fave. But it's really suit the story & characters. The main's story between prince and the girl's nice. Two faces prince is the best!~ haha. And the setting's really click each other, girl-doll-prince-old mansion-and sex! Hahaha. And the jerk bad girl is really something u could see in drama or real life.
Ippei & Iroha (the main MMC & FMC), love them! Love the story, specially about the family problem. Ouch I shed a tears on that part. They're so cute together. Great story, quite cheap since it's a tankobon. The sex are okay, just the first part which not too well drawn. So buy this!
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