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It's so nice! And so true.. Yeah people will try anything include in bad way to reach the highest status & pleasure life. I'm happy Shiki met Hana. The butler & Hana's consort host pair are nice too~ XD buy this guys!
It's about a cute girl with petite body and big boobs meet up with her dead boyfriend alive as normal human but in younger body. Short story, nice plot, great art. It ended well too, they leave happy together. I'm happy for them. This story contain nice character, do Japan people whom from a 'shrine specialty' family background is common to work in normal office?
The sex scene nice! Love it! The art's okay, although not really my fave. But it's really suit the story & characters. The main's story between prince and the girl's nice. Two faces prince is the best!~ haha. And the setting's really click each other, girl-doll-prince-old mansion-and sex! Hahaha. And the jerk bad girl is really something u could see in drama or real life.
Ippei & Iroha (the main MMC & FMC), love them! Love the story, specially about the family problem. Ouch I shed a tears on that part. They're so cute together. Great story, quite cheap since it's a tankobon. The sex are okay, just the first part which not too well drawn. So buy this!
Nice art! Nice sex! Perfect with Japan historical style theme (sword's smith). Well yeah I want to see them with their childreen. But stay in pair for a while's nice too, it means they got much time to playing, flirting, enjoy each other & making love together~ Glad to bought it!
Cute, nice, glad to bought it. Short sweet story, the deliquent (Yuta) is actually a sweet & loyal partner (seme). But the teacher (Mr Tsutsui) is a cute uke which in the last part looks like a cool seme. Buy it if you like a short lovely & cute story. The art's nice, it just the sex scene not draw very detail like in some yaoi manga
Love it! Both the guys have their character. The strong uke, and the cute seme. I'm glad Ren met with Kazuya. Although bad memories in past, but they accept each other now. Fufufu.. Nice sex scene, quite simple story. Their character's growing. It's okay for a short read
Nice! Love it! Some short unrelated nice stories. Like the draw, although in some part it get a bit messy, but still ok overall. All provide yummy sex scene, good story and heart throbbing, not to dramatic. Feels good to buy this set
Love how sweet this Kyoya & Yuzuru pair. Kyoya also have a strong masculine send face, while Yuzuru the cute sweet uke type. Love how tho story build, and each main character also growing nicely. Like all of it, from the start. Never disappoint buy this set. I feel happy for them both~ and I wan't my uke/send to show up soon =?=
Aw I'm so super glad purchase this story (although it's quite pricey but super sattisfying!) The plot structured very nicely, and yeah I agree with the note written on this manga 'love doesn't pick a limited gender'. I'm happy for you both young couple, Sanae & Sakaki. Sanae's super lucky to have such a supported & kind heart people in her circle.
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