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Well, the stories quite ok. 1 book with few different stories not related each other. The art's a bit messy (morely on the last story). But if you looking for a nice art drawing, this story might not suit your expectation.
A great short 4 refreshing. Aya x Yuki, oh how I love those two! Could found Yuki's sincere n pure heart since his first appear. It's nice if a guy like Yuki really appears on my life LOL. So glad I buy it, gonna re-read it a lot in future~
Collections of 3 stories (and 1 additional story from d 1st chapter). And I love it!!! So happy that I purchase it. Will reread it again a lot soon. The small boobs being rubbed before doing H stuff (it feels like my future situation, one day.. Maybe? x'D).Actually the small boobs girls is only on the first story IMO, the other 2 and additional 1 story FMC hv a normal size boobs. My fave is the 2nd story, I guess I'm really into a hot smoking dude~ Gosh, I want a guy like one of these MMC guys.. Gimme one, or a few guys~
Ow I'm so in love with Minami & Towa's pair. Those two feels just right. Like people say first love never died (which is these 2 MC, not from Minami's young memory).Although, Ayumu's quite a hottie mature guy (quite my RL type). I hope the author will make another story about Ayumu's love. He's a nice guy~
Like the draw & preview of it, so bought it. Few different short stories which each all nice. And I like the 3rd story d most (the MMC is hot! Kento, a prince typical. Really my type). All include hot sex. Not too pricey, worth 2 buy
Ow great! So glad I bought it, totally not a waste! Collections of few short stories with 1 main story in 2 chapter + additional after story (and other stories). The art's super great with lots of MC guys and good plot as well. Those lucky girls made me envy my life~ meet up with such a handsome guys as partnerAll's great, a bit pricey actually.. But not regret it at all. Bought it! Don't rent!
Short and lovely! I love it! Art's nice, typical kind of I'm into. Lovely pair character, with a bit tsundere younger guy - although he acts quite 'mature' (red: pervy) coz his love to MC. What a lucky girl~ I'll definitely go with him if I'm the MC lol. Not too pricey coz it's a short series, specially when it got discount.
Few short stories in one. Although I'm not agree with the dumb girl in one or two stories, but overall it's good! Most of it set in office work area, which related with my life & interest me (and kind of envy the MC). Score 8 out of 10 for me~ Glad to bought it and not just rent it to reread it again someday
So Adult mixing of fairy tale. At first I thought the art wasn't so good (and quite pricey coz of such a series - not short).But reading this collection satisfied me. Smut, threesome, romance, josei, fantasy, gender swap, all genre in one story~I'm happy the story end well. Start to feel want to live in two worlds as well xD
Awesome! Didn't regret purchase it (even more while discount). All stories are great, not too rush or hanging. Art great too (although some zoom part feel a bit random), quite smut a lot & heart throbbing. Mostly I love 'Love Sick Puppies' and 'Let's Play Cosplay'. Could read it again whatever I missed it~ super happy!
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