User Reviews For: A Complete Change Eros -Who's Gonna Make Me Wet?-


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Oddreader Rating
I don't understand the one star review. I love when the guy snaps, gets a menacing lop sided grin, and is a sadistic sexual savant. The girl is refreshing as well. Drama rolls off her like water off a duck' s back, she doesn't think sex is the devil, and she has no problem letting her fists do the talking. It all adds up to some refreshingly responsive and raw sex scenes! I only wish it was longer.
Sighz Rating
While I can appreciate the one star review, I don't whole heartedly agree. Plot, art, characters are all decent. Not a ton of development on characters (background), or plot. I feel I got my $$ worth.
lineartes1988 Rating
I confess that I expected more from this manga ... And now I feel like I've put money away. The sex scenes are totally raw, and do not pass the feeling of involvement. Other than that the girl's reactions are very stressed.
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