User Reviews For: The Novelist and the Housekeeper 2


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biggestrebel Rating
I kinda enjoyed this more than the first one and mostly bc I liked Nishina (even tho he did try to make a move on our sweet boy). But I enjoyed him and Reiji more bc neither were a pure innocent virgin. They both had more experience and were looking for something substantial I'd love to see more of them! My main complaint is how abrupt the ending is, with so much left up in the air. I want to see them grow and realize their feelings togetherI'd also love for Reiji to meet the other couple ahahaha thatd be cute!All in all, v fun and would read again!
LMonster2 Rating
I also loved this sequel. I did feel the end was a bit lacking and didn't really have a strong YES moment but it was fun and cute.