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I need 500 more sequels of these guys ???? soooo kyuuuute
This was really very cute, funny, and sweet! I'm definitely drawn to the characters soooo much! The sex scenes were plentiful and mostly good, but sometimes the anatomy looked wonky but its not super noticeable unless you're a perv like me haha Overall super fun!
This was so cute!!!! I'd love 300 chapters of these two and their future life !!!! Very good progress between them and the pace doesn't feel off. Wish there were more yuri like this out here.
Im so glad to see Kuniharu get a happy ending w his own partner *wipes eye* He deserves happiness! I hope there's at least another chapter or two bc it feels unfinished so far. I want Kuniharu to be happy !!! ToT
This was an anthology of stories and I really enjoyed them for the most part!The title couple were really cute! Lots of clichés but none bad! Give it a read! It's really worth it !
Hm. I love bl with a gay parent, I think they're one of my fave sub-genres. That being said, this might one of my LEAST fave BLs on this site lol and its honestly not even *that* bad (no non-con/SA, etc., no violence etc). It just rubbed me the wrong way. Like others said, it felt SO rushed and unfinished. I was expecting a 2nd volume or something because uh, what happened to his sister ???? I am honestly extremely confused. Also it felt like the top didn't truly love the bottom? Idk, they barely spent time developing that other than "Oh the bottom's been in love w his sisters bf/husband for years!!!!" OK- how does Mr. Top feel? This one just felt like oh- he takes care of the chores, the kids, AND my s*xual needs. Who needs a wife!?Im feeling extremely weird about this one and I even read it twice. Still feel weird. Im glad I didn't buy it tho :/
This was very cute! I really enjoyed the characters and their slow development. It was nice and refreshing!
This was Okay. I like all the non-pervy stuff (the movie references were fun, the development as friends outside of a sexual relationship was nice, the side characters, etc.). I disagree w another comment saying that this was the authors way to live any CP fantasy out bc I dont think this character looks childish at all. It was even weird for the love interest to say (Personally, it'd be an instant turn off if someone said they like me bc I look young). While I disagree w that comment, putting it into this book as a non-issue was very weird. I prefer this mangaka's other work (Shiba & Shepherd). This one isn't worth all the points but its cute enough
This was so cute omg! It has a nostalgic feel to the art. All the characters are so cute and silly! This is definitely more comedy than sexy. I love it! I do of course wish there was more progress with our protagonists but I also don't mind a sloooow burn. I hope there's more of this!!
Cute set of short love stories! Anthologies are usually hit or miss but this one definitely hit!Altho the characters all kinda were drawn the same, the different personalities really helped to differentiate them
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