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Didn't realize the [Regular] and [Special] were the same but with an added special so I bought both. That's the only reason I'm giving this 4/5 lol. This story is so special. It's delicate in handling the characters relationships and development while being SUPER funny! The art is gorgeous and I looove all the characters! I would love another volume even!!!
Shows as completed but the story really isn't done. Cute a d funny but I would've loved to learn more. Sigh
Kinda slapstick but not in a bad way! I really liked the art, the gals were so cute!! Wish it was more than a one shot tho
Very cute if not a little ridiculous haha the art was beautiful tho!
Agreed that 2 vols feels really incomplete. Could be a better story if expanded. Cute characters tho
Funny and lots of smut. Not to my taste but it was cute enough.
Weirdly cute! I loved it
HOT but also very sweet! I wouldn't mind a sequel haha
Shockingly touching, especially volume 2. I really enjoyed the continuation of the 2 characters from vol 1. It was really nice to see how their relationship progressed.
This made me cry a lot. There was just so much grief in this somewhat realistic approach to how many LGBT individuals feel. I'm happy with the ending but I wouldn't have minded an extra or two. Lots of drama to get to where they ended up, I would've liked to see them happy.
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