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I'm not sure if there will be more chapters but I really like what I've read! I'd love to learn more about the uke, like his past and why he opened the cat cafe! I thought this story was adorable!
I enjoyed this! The story did seem a little lost here and there and the main story characters seemed more like caricatures than characters. Still, I liked the art and thought they were cute. I love small semes w big uke mens, so I'm probably biased. The second threesome story was...meh. it made me feel weird and I didn't care too much for them. Overall, the art is nice (if not overly busy), the sex was hot, and the story was ok. Good enough to rent, but not buy.
This was quite cute!!!! I really liked the characters but again, an issue w all anthologies, wish we got more time w the 2nd/3rd couples. Overall, each story was very cute and heartwarming. I'd love to read more from sensei!!!
This was cute!!! I really enjoyed the art and characters. They could have stood to be more developed but I find this issue is common w anthologies. I like that the last 2 stories are kinda connected ^^
I read all three volumes in one day and I love it!!!! The stories are all worth the points to read and keep and I cant wait to read again.Cute, funny, and a lot of character!
This story was really cute! I'm just parroting what others have said, including my main complaint. The stuff with the brothers was sudden and didnt really feel resolved? Is he cut off from his brother forever? Does Urabes older bro not get a happy ending? Idk, it made me sad but the rest of the story was cute! I liked how they went from friends to lovers, that's always cute!!!!
This was really cute, I just wish there was more!!!!Their relationship developing is adorable but more time w them wouldve definitely helped make it seem more fleshed out. The top feels v flat compared to the uke.
This was cute but that's all it is. The main story was sweet, if not....v fast. The pacing was just weird. Like confession and then immediate time jump to them moved in w each other??? Just... off. I still thought it was cute but I'm not spending anymore to buy it.
Not the best thing I've ever read but definitely not the worst. I really liked the main story and wish it were longer. The couple jumped into it really fast! Like...second scene fast.Also the dude who tried to get between them was sudden and annoying, but I wish sensei had actually given him a boyfriend lol. The last story was nice, beautiful. Wanted more of that.All in all, not worth the buying price, but an okay read. I prefer sensei's other work that's on here.
Definitely very cute, would have loved more It feels like there will be more but I haven't seen an update
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