User Reviews For: Reincarnated as an Overpowered Sexy Evil God


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Sencilia Rating
Volume 1, so far I find it funny and fascinating. I'll be looking forward to the other volumes.
CosmicDysphoria Rating
Kinda funny, but I'm really not into it.
SunnyEWA Rating
It's an interesting reincarnation story. I totally love the multi-person relationships, but Curt is a but hypocritical in relationship equality. No one said loving a God is fair though.A previous reviewer mentioned the part that became chibi. I think it's the author's way of helping the characters expressing the growth of physical relationship into an emotional one. You get to decide if it works or not. It worked for me
YaoiFangirl69 Rating
It's a good story to pass the time and if you're looking for a gay jarem and sex, this is perfect. It's also cheap.
1TroyBen Rating
I love it. It's so cute
MissMaus Rating
Totally smutty and flipping adorable. I'm sad there isn't more, tbh. TT.TT
Hapireader Rating
That was so cute
xxalisonxx Rating
So cute!! You have to buy this, it's amazing!
Pantheraelite Rating
Loved it! I wish the main hero had like and alternate "evil god" form. Like all black with like silver or red glowing stripes with horns of his own and wings! Maybe make the horns erogenous or something? Lol keep it coming!
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