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Cris Rating
I blazed through this all in one go! An extremely cute manga, with a LOT of sex. These characters have a slow building, mutual pining infatuation that is a great feel good read. Normally miscommunication plots drive me batty, but in this case the characters are so heartfelt I end up rooting for them. On the critique side of things, the sex scenes are very repetitive. The same few poses and angles are used over and over again with new emotional narration. The author does seem to be actively trying to expand that in recent chapters, though, so I'm not docking a star for it.
wizzaniqqa Rating
The art is the only reason I gave this two stars. The artist is quite good. But the fact that this is basically porn-level-plot and porn-level-characters really makes me wonder why I bothered to read this when there's better quality porn out there. If you want to make a manga, at least work on your writing skills. The dialogue is corny, the plot doesn't really exist, and the pacing is trash.
Guineaham Rating
This adorable manga is The reason I took the plunge and joined Renta. It is so different from anything I've read, mature or otherwise. The "Beast" (male lead) is charming. And the "Artist" (female lead) is plain but still cute. The artist is now one of my favorites and I will probably read everything they draw/write. The thought bubbles are my hands down favourite part! I love that I am privy to others thoughts, except when I want to scream "JUST TELL HER/HIM HOW YOU FEEL!!!".Please read this title!! It's one of the cheaper titles on Renta and well worth the bucks. I'm 19 chapters in and not stopping anytime soon!!
castor Rating
I shouldn't be so attached to characters in a porn but they make me feel fuzzy inside.
mahikokatoru Rating
This is one romance that I'll read and reread over and over again. I love the story and I love the characters. I can't wait for the next one!!!
Oranges Rating
I don't usually write reviews but this manga has some twisted scenes yet it's so hot and delicious at the same time.
Psyduckcantswim Rating
Really funny series but also very touching with some surprisingly heartretching moments.
Majala Rating
I can't tell you how much I love this hopeless couple ... it's so well written and drawn. It was one of the first manga I read and the reason I keep coming back hoping the next chapter will be released. It's a genuine love story with real character development ... the asides are funny ...and watching them grow together more and more deeply in love. It's just delicious!
UzendayoNe Rating
It starts bad, real bad. First she gets to know him and she just casually accepts his proposition, like if it was no big deal. Then he just does whatever he pleases and even calls her names. The plot is a mess, it makes little to no sense, even for the love mangas in this site. But oh well, one might say it is not my cup of tea.
Sheriru Rating
Its cute, but it drags on too long. If the Main Characters are both Idiots the Feeling Realitations takes to long. The Story and Art are Average to simplistic, nothing special and the Covers are Quality-wise missleading. The Character do not look like that.I do not recommend unless you got too much Money.
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