mahikokatoru's Reviews & Ratings

It was alright. The art was a little silly at some parts. The story was okay, could be more heartbreaking. A good rental.
It's not a bad read, quite good actually... just... all the ukes are a bit pathetic.
OMG... it's so good!!! Plotline, character developement, art, horror aspect, the romance.... it's all so good!!! I'm already anticipating the next one... please update soon.
It's not as dark as I initially thought it would be... a light read.
It is a good story, but the way it is structured, the time cuts, makes it slightly confusing.
I love it! For a first manga, the mangaka is great! The emotions are captured well and the story is wonderful!! It is a complete story with a satisfactory ending!!
It is cute. I like his loyal love for him!
This is cute! I love the storyline. It is different and refreshing. It is a good take on how love should be.
Aw, I like it! It is indeed a sweet story. I want more from this author/artist.
The art is okay. I like the colored portion. The story is generic Harlequin romance.
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