mahikokatoru's Reviews & Ratings

It's not as dark as I initially thought it would be... a light read.
It is a good story, but the way it is structured, the time cuts, makes it slightly confusing.
I love it! For a first manga, the mangaka is great! The emotions are captured well and the story is wonderful!! It is a complete story with a satisfactory ending!!
It is cute. I like his loyal love for him!
This is cute! I love the storyline. It is different and refreshing. It is a good take on how love should be.
Aw, I like it! It is indeed a sweet story. I want more from this author/artist.
The art is okay. I like the colored portion. The story is generic Harlequin romance.
It is meh. Not bad, but could be better. It is a complete story, just that it could be longer and more fleshed out. But I do like this mangaka. They wrote another series that I absolutely love.
This is one romance that I'll read and reread over and over again. I love the story and I love the characters. I can't wait for the next one!!!
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