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WindyWing15 Rating
This was such a cute and smooth title to read. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much at first after seeing that cheesy illustration cover, but if there was anything I learned from another title called "Sex Therapist" that also involved bakery love, it is..... Don't underestimate the topic of bakers' love hahaha! The topic may sound cheesy, and I honestly believed for a while that something like that must be hard to pull off with it seeming as cheesy as it does, but "TASTING AFTER DARK" has proved me wrong a second time. Aside from that, as a KuroFai fan, this couple is very reminiscent of them on some level so this was totally fun to read. There may not have been many steamy love scenes here, but what makes up for it is how beautifully each panel is drawn. I can very well tell much thought has been put into drawing and creating this. Every panel, the way it is drawn, is very much like looking at film shots. Even from the smallest details, I can tell that the execution of everything was well thought out. I felt like I was "watching" a movie the entire time. The way this is drawn is very animated, and Kazuya's expressions are eyecatching and very expressive. I found it fascinating to see how a free spirited guy like him interacts with the rigid Atsushi. Though it would have been nice to see more steamy love between the two, I really have no complaints after reading this because of how well thought out every panel was executed. If I have anything to critique though, it would have been nice to see more of Kazuya's vulnerable and ever-evolving side, which would definitely be like the cherry on top of the ice cream. Overall, really fun and delicious read!
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
The story was really 'meh' and never interested me. The characters seemed flat and annoying, and there's nearly no smut at all, just one quick jump to things in media res, then cut away again. All the writing seemed fast and... half baked, if you'll pardon the pun.Maybe rent it.
River Rating
My only issue is that it's too short. The drawings are beautiful, and the storyline is sweet. But the character who was holding back changed too quickly and without warning. I understand that the theme is that change is good, and I love how they changed together, but it needed another book or so to show how he moved from "I'm afraid of change" to "I accept us."Overall though, really good. Very sweet, very heartwarming.
noface96 Rating
It's a sweet story with beautiful art. Learning that change is okay is hard, but it helps to have someone to lean on. Plus I'm a sucker for bakery settings!
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