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lanling Rating
I like the first story. Very nice and I love that the main girl is strong. One of my favorite on here. FIVE STARS.
serenereve Rating
Loved the storyline and characters. It wasn't your typical "girl in debt sells her body to a yakuza" type story. I like watching feisty female main characters in action.
nothanks Rating
This author's characters are generally super likeable. She gives her female characters interesting personalities. The ones in this volume are pretty willful and know what they want, which is a nice change of pace from the fmc's you often get in other mangas.
tofuchan Rating
I really enjoyed the art in these 3 stories, it was relaxed yet not sloppy. I really love yakuza stories and I found these good, although a little tame.
b4n4 Rating
Strong female leads I like to see, no wishy-washy girls being strung around by the guy. Mutual love and respect of both parties. A fun and saucy read!
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