User Reviews For: The Gangster, the Girl, and the Scent of Love and Money


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bananaheaven1991 Rating
Smutty but still has a sufficient storyline with likeable characters.
Strick Rating
Much better story than I was expecting! The MC guy is rough and kinda mean, the MC girl is suicidal apparently, but the story soon gets past that and thickens the plot with a rival yakuza group being involved...worth reading if u like gangster storylines!
Jinx Rating
The art style is quite lovely and Tomoe is definitely attractive. The female MC kinda bugs me with her draumatic attitude but that's more of a personal issue. Anyways, back to to Tomoe, he's rough yet oddly romantic and actually is a guy that stops after noticing sexual stuff makes the MC uncomfortable and then saves her later from a situation. Second chapter probably isn't as realistic but it's manga so Ok, though it'd definitely give the MC trauma. MC's fianc辿 is a HUGE jerk (understatement).
kitten2117 Rating
its romantic and it dose a good job of putting emotion and real life struggle in the plot and in real life for me atleast and also putting a happy ending one it witch was nice by far one of my favorites out of all the ones I have read
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