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nikkininja Rating
I love this artist! One of the great things about this specific story is that it emphasizes the concept of consent. Hopefully we see more chapters for this. :)
Sakuracat Rating
I love this manga soo much!
Norman14 Rating
This is an adorable series that's so much sweeter than I expected. The main characters are great together and they really seem to care about one another. It has humor and drama and the love scenes are hot. And (refreshingly) it's all consensual! I've only read a few manga and the whole "woman who's allergic to/afraid of men" premise seems a bit routine but this is a really enertaining series, I hope there are many more volumes to come.
Kathica Rating
This manga is one of my all time favorites. The guy is so gentle and understanding to the lead female. The main character suffers from trauma and he responds so beautifully that it makes your heart throb. He isn't a guy to just f*ck her and be done with her, but he's docile and gentle, the fact the he dresses up as a woman is a bonus! Haha The girl doesn't mind it and embraces that side of him, it's so awesome to see their relationship unfold, they truly show a lot of love and understanding towards each other, not to mention, the s*x scenes are STEAMY
kimmy14 Rating
I actually adore Miku and Rei's relationship. Even when it may look like Rei is pushing Miku, he always makes sure to ask for her consent as it is his biggest priority. And the fact that he is sure of himself and his sexuality and that Miku doesn't use him dressing as a woman as a crutch to overcome her fear of men. She just naturally likes him for who he is and I think that's an admirable trait of Miku.
Cake Rating
Very cute manga, I love both the main leads. The guy treats the girl very gently which I love, and the manga is very relatable.
DandyLionPuff Rating
I love how the artist is able to make the boyfriend character attractive whether or not he is cross dressing or not. I didn't expect that and it was a nice surprise that really made the story feel respectful and authentic instead of just using the cross dressing element as a throw away novelty or gag. I can't wait to see more of their love story.
Jumper1 Rating
I love how the male character takes the female character into consideration and doesn't force himself on her. The story is soo sweet and addictive to read!
PrismShard Rating
I had originally clicked on chapter 1, assuming from the title that it would be a lesbian story. Instead the love interest, Rei, is a male crossdresser. He and main character Miku are absolutely adorable together. While there are moments where Rei is sudden with his advances, it is handled way more respectfully than a lot of smut. When Miku needs him to stop, he stops and always doubles checks that she's ok. There is a pinch of melodrama, but it is almost entirely cause by a separate antagonist, and not a the main couple themselves.
triiss Rating
Agree with all the other reviews, but lemme also just say... Not enough male protagonists like to eat ass. ( 諭属
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