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I'm so excited to see where this story goes. I love yandere characters and the hint of stalking we've already gotten is so interesting, hopefully this story delves further into the psychological aspect instead of just paying it lip service.
The main couple of this manga is yet another story that romanticizes abuse and sexual assault. I liked the other couples in the later stories, but I wish this one hadn't even been included in the first place. Abusive stalkers who treat you like garbage and assault you for having friends is not sexy in my opinion.
The art to this was pretty good but the story just isn't there. Nothing that's introduced really gets resolved in any form of a satisfying way, and pretty much every character has been sexually assaulted or is the one doing the sexually assaulting.If you're into that kinda thing it's fine but I'm not and definitely wasn't expecting how bad it was.
The story was pretty good and the art was great! Certain plot elements I feel weren't really necessary but overall it was super cute and I think worth reading at least once.
The art is beautiful but every plot line is glorified sexual assaults. Not my thing but if you're into dubious consent then this is the story for you.
The only good thing about this manga is the art. The writing is just a mess, all over the place and confusing. I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone, ever.
Surprisingly sweet for such an unusual premise! I really love how the two of them actively discuss the fetish, set (pretty loose) boundaries, and also compromise by accepting each other and working around it.Still pretty much PWP but the characters make up for it.
I love this artist's stories so much. The style is beautiful and the way they write feels very gentle and heartwarming. I hope they continue to make more manga so I can continue to enjoy this feeling again and again.
Honestly I rented this because I thought it sounded ridiculous and I wanted a laugh, but this is just too cute and sweet. I appreciate how the mangaka is attempting to portray such a serious issue within an erotic manga and there is never enough otomen who get the girl. I'll be cheering for these two from now on!
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